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Exceptional Bed & Breakfast - Florence South Carolina

Posted: July 16, 2006
by: T.Alexander

Delicious Destinations has explored French wineries, Tuscan inns, Asian dining traditions & Cajun secret recipes. I think it’s about time to share some U.S. culture – specifically southern culture from the beautiful state of South Carolina. Ag_house21

Welcome to the quaint town of Florence, South Carolina where there was one and only one bed and breakfast in Florence South Carolina. That was all I required to provide my overnight respite. What was presented to me however was much more than I bargained for.

Welcome to Ambrias Garden Manor Bed & Breakfast located near the downtown area of Florence South Carolina. Welcome to the southern hospitality provided by owners Ella & David Frazier. Built in 1920 the “Old Holden House” is reminiscing of the Victoria ear with columns, arches and multiple fireplaces. Details galore from the house and Ella’s décor provide constant stimulation for the senses. And we haven’t even mentioned the sixty plus Camellia shrubs in the side and back yards.

I stayed in the Rose Room facing Kuker Street. The richly furnished room had a very comfortable bed that provided “good sleeping” during a summer afternoon thunderstorm. Some of the glass pans were original to the 1920’s construction and provided a wavy view of the neighborhood like looking into a child’s fantasy. The original blinds had been artfully restored and for a moment I felt as if I was in my childhood bedroom, safe and secure.0_rooms_rose

The real experience from Ambrias Garden Manor comes directly from Ella and David who are naturally gifted hostess and host. Their sense of family is demonstrated in the name, Ambrias, which stands for their two granddaughters, Amber & Brias. Ella and David retired from New York several years ago and decided to move back “home” to South Carolina. Their stay in New York certainly did not diminish their southern hospitality. While looking for a location for a dress boutique, they came upon the old Holden House. The notion of a bed and breakfast came about and the rest is history.

What makes Ambrias Garden Manor exceptional is Ella and David’s attention to detail. Sheets are perfectly ironed. Coffee is from a silver server. Napkins are cloth. China is oh so fine. No corners were cut. But even without these exquisite details Ambrias Garden Manor is most favorite bed and breakfast of all times. Why? Because of the delightful people and their genuine care and concern for their patrons. Congratulations Ella & David!


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What a wonderful story. My wife and I look forward to visiting one day.
Keep up the great work, this is an excellent blog.

Posted by: George at Nov 23, 2006 5:58:19 PM