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Welcome to delicious Destinations, a GourmetStation blog. Through the charater of T.Alexander and occasional real-life guests, our aim is to share with you light-hearted fun ideas about food, gift giving, entertaining and culture. At the same time we would love you hear from you. Please share your experiences from home or abroad.

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Blogs Are Not Gloggs

Posted: March 19, 2005
by: T.Alexander

Over the years I’ve spent much time reveling in foods traditions of countries around the globe. I’m sure that’s why friends and family are always after me to give them tips and ideas for gourmet food gifts.

So here I am “blogging!” Who knew? When I first heard the word “blog” I thought it might somehow be related to Glogg (actually pronounced glewg) -- that wonderfully warm and potent Scandinavian libation consumed in great quantities.

But no! A blog is truly a miraculous thing! I discovered a blog is the one place where I can drone on endlessly about my favorite topics: incredible gourmet food and the exciting places it comes from. And you dear readers, can join me in the conversation.

Interested in the aforementioned Glogg? Check out more sample recipes at Spider Jazz  or Global Gourmet.

Welcome To Delicious Destinations

Posted: March 18, 2005
by: T.Alexander

I want to welcome you to Delicious Destinations, the blog of GourmetStation. We (I must say we because this blog has been a team effort, as well as, a labor of love) are excited about sharing our passions about food, travel and culture with you.
As we launch this blog, I wanted to tell you the story behind Delicious Destinations. The GourmetStation team wanted to create a blog that was innovative, didn't take itself too seriously, reflected the risk-taking culture of our company and was just plain fun for us to write and (we hope) for you to read.
With that in mind, please meet the main voice of the Delicious Destinations blog - T. Alexander. T. Alexander is a fictitious character created by GourmetStation, it’s creative partner, Blue Marble Media, and marketing partner, Bloomberg Marketing. T. A. is our icon, who through reflections about food, customs and travel, adds a bit of spice to our website and newsletters.
We are all thrilled that T. Alexander now has a blog. This blog allows T.A. to emerge from the copy blocks of the GourmetStation web site and come to life.
We ask you to use your imagination and, in keeping with the culture of the blogosphere, cordially invite you to join the conversation as T.A. explores culture, food and travel from around the world. We look forward to reading about your adventures too.
Please raise your virtual glass of bubbly in a toast to the new T. Alexander blog - a reflection of the heart and soul of GourmetStation!

Donna Lynes-Miller
Founder and President