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Welcome to delicious Destinations, a GourmetStation blog. Through the charater of T.Alexander and occasional real-life guests, our aim is to share with you light-hearted fun ideas about food, gift giving, entertaining and culture. At the same time we would love you hear from you. Please share your experiences from home or abroad.

Dim Sum

Posted: April 6, 2005
by: T.Alexander

Dimsumassortment Spring is filled with light…sunlight, light pastels, and light eats.  Hundreds of years ago along the Silk Road in China travelers, farmers and laborers stopped at teahouses to relax, socialize, and enjoy small eats.  Sounds like your friendly neighborhood pub wouldn’t you say?

Well in Cantonese this event is called dim sum and in Mandarin, dian xin. You can fine remnants of dim sum today around the US where Asian cultures flourish and remain true to heritage.

My first experience with dim sum was initially not as expected.  A buffet on wheels is a good description and I found the environment noisy and stressful.  Then I settled into the rhythm of the experience, learning to be a bit more aggressive in picking my favorites from the food carts as they buzzed by tables filled with chatting diners.

If you live in a large city, visit Chinatown and ask where the best dim sum is served.  If dim sum is not available in your area, then make your own.  You can do it!  Just remember that the goal is to enjoy a wide variety of small Asian style eats with your favorite tea.

If you’ve been to a tapas restaurant, you get the concept.  My favorite dim sum appetizer is Crab Ragoon but then I’m partial to crab in anything – from eggs to ice cream.  Consider Chinese Dumplings and how about Sponge Cake soaked in coconut milk.  Go for it…the world is your oyster. 

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