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My Coffee - My Dear

Posted: August 20, 2005
by: T.Alexander

Tradition. Sometimes I love it; sometimes I'm bored by it. In the case of coffee, it's love, my dear. Every morning, no matter what the day holds, the cup awaits me. My fortification - my motivation to take on the day. Is it the same with you? Did you ever wonder about coffee, it's origins and history. Well, here are some great links and trivia.

Koffee Korner gives a nice timeline going back to circa 850 when goat herder Kaldi of Ethiopia noticed he was friskier and happier after eating shrub berries. Now this is a long way from our Sharper Image cappuccino machine, but interesting beginnings nonetheless.

Socialization around the coffee cup did not begin until 1475 when the first coffee shop opened in Constantinople. That's when the fun started. Mr. Cappuccino tells us how in 1675 the Turkish Army surrounded Vienna. Franz Georg Kolschitzky, a Viennese who lived in Turkey, slipped through the enemy lines to lead relief forces to the city. The fleeting Turks left behind sacks of "dry black fodder" that Kolschitzky recognized as coffee. He claimed it as his reward and opened central Europe's first coffee house. He also established the habit of refining the brew by filtering out the grounds, sweetening it, and adding a dash of milk. There you have it; a little history to go with your next cup! Coffee_cup If you're in a coffee buying mood for yourself or if you are thinking about a gourmet food gift for a coffee lover, remember GourmetStation's coffee gift collection.

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