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History of Cajun Cuisine

Posted: September 1, 2005
by: T.Alexander

Cajun cuisine could be called fusion, a combination of Southern and French food. It's history is amazing. Immigrants of French peasant ancestry settled the Acadian region of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia in the early 1600's. Tensions between the French settlers and the British forced the Acadians out of the region deep into Louisiana where they tried to reunite families. The name Acadian was transformed to Cajun by the English speaking inhabitants of Louisiana. A lukewarm Spanish government in New Orleans met the immigrants and were eager to relocate them into rural areas.Gumbo_brunswick_stew_1

A Cajun kitchen consisted of a cast iron kettle suspended over a hearth. Mainstay foods were corn, potatoes, okra and rice. Wild game and livestock supplemented their diets. Original Cajun dishes were bland but development of the roux gave texture and dimension to their dishes. And of course, rice was used to stretch meals to feed large families.

Today's Cajun cuisine tends to be spicier and bolder than the original recipes with popular items such as andouille, boudin, jambalaya, gumbo, and etoufee. The use of the dark roux and the holy trinity of chopped green peppers, onions and celery form the complex, exciting and flavorful cuisine that we know as Cajun.  Let the good times roll!

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Your Comments

I love cajun food it is always different and the spices are never the same you never taste exactly the same thing twice!

Posted by: Maliah Walke at Sep 1, 2006 2:08:28 PM

I Made Cajun Chip Dip and everyone loved it!! Whoo-Hoo!! :D:D

Posted by: Whitney :) at Jan 22, 2007 11:37:58 PM

Nice write up. I'm a Cajun born and raised. ;)

Posted by: Charlie Thibodeaux at Jul 16, 2008 4:29:05 PM