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We Will Rise Again

Posted: October 16, 2005
by: T.Alexander

The next several posts will be on Cajun icons. Since I’m a dog lover, the first and obvious salute is to George Rodrigue and Tiffany, better known as Blue Dog. In 1994 I lost a beloved pet, Dmitri. To help with my grieving, a friend introduced me to Blue Dog and presented me with a little book – a journey, so to speak, as Blue Dog makes her way through the cosmos searching for truth. “To find her you must lose her. The Blue Dog knows the way.” Others had found peace and solace in Blue Dog – like Whoopie Goldberg, “It’s nice to know that when I get to the other side, Tiffany will be there waiting to impart all that she knows. She is my fave.” 

I read the little book faithfully – it was always by my bedside. In time the grieving turned to hope and the hope turned to peace. Now Blue Dog is helping others as George has engaged his art skills to help victims of Hurricane Katrini. The name of the piece is We Will Rise Again. This 28” X 20” silkscreen retails for $500 and sales will benefit the Louisiana Chapter of the Red Cross. The commission is open through September 30, 2006. Below is what George has to say about Katrini, this Blue Dog art…I think you can see how Blue Dog once again brings peace and solace to others.

“Those of us from South Louisiana grew up with the aftermaths of hurricanes Audrey, Betsy, Camille...and now Katrina. As with times before, "we will rise again." Tears and rising water threaten to drown us. But don't be deceived. The land may be under water, but the spirit of New Orleans and the culture of Louisiana hold their heads high.

We Will Rise Again shows the American flag covered with water. The blue dog is partly submerged, and its eyes, normally yellow, are red with a broken heart. Like a ship's S.O.S., the red cross on the dog's chest calls out for help.Blue_dog_relief_1

Katrina hit me personally at Ground Zero. My immediate thought was for the safety of people I know, followed by the shock of seeing helicopters and boats alongside familiar street signs, as rescuers assisted people from rooftops and attics. For the second time in this young 21st century I sat at my easel weighted by personal sorrow and my desire to help, this time also reflecting on the devastation of my city and the suffering of my neighbors.

New Orleans has been home to my gallery and studio for sixteen years; it is where the Blue Dog was born. My wife is a third generation New Orleanian, and the Big Easy remains the 'big city' to my Cajun hometown of New Iberia. Wendy and I join thousands of New Orleans residents in our pledge to go HOME, to re-build our city, and to pay tribute to those who lost their lives with a commitment to care for our citizens, embrace our culture, and make the good times roll ... again.” George Rodrigue

Your Comments

Beautifully written. With the heart and will of the people of New Orleans you will rise again!!!!The Blue Dog is awesome to symbolize rebuilding your wonderful homes and businesses as well as to preserve history.

Posted by: Gretchen Wilson at May 28, 2006 3:21:46 PM

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