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New Recipe From Simonetta - Casa Bellavista

Posted: December 11, 2005
by: T.Alexander

Many thanks to Simonetta from Casa Bellavista for this bold recipe combining creamy cauliflower and anchovy sauce on pasta. I'm planning to try the recipe this weekend with angel hair pasta. At least daily I think about my upcoming trip to Casa Bellavista and meeting my new friend, Simonetta, in person. Now I have even more motivation because Simonetta has saved a bottle of Casa Bellavista production extra virgin olive oil for me. If you wish to learn more about authentic cooking classes from Tuscany, email info@casabellavista.it Now, let's hear first hand from Simonetta about what's going on in Tuscany.

"Recently me and all my family pick up the olives from the trees, then I went to the mill to press the olives. And for dinner we taste the new extra virgin olive oil Casa Bellavista production. Our production at the moment is very little (do not worry I save one bottle for you when you will come to Casa Bellavista).  We have 35 new plants. In 5 years I hope that my production will be more interesting....For dinner I prepared: bruschetta with garlic, black cabbage on toast, pasta with cauliflower (recipe below), and fresh pecorino.Cauliflower


1 cauliflower

4 spoons grated pecorino

2 spoons extra virgin olive oil

chopped parsley

1 stick of celery


salt & pepper

anchovy filets (or anchovy paste)

1/2 glass white wine

Heat the oil in a pan, add the chopped celery, parsley and garlic. Shortly after, add the cauliflower pieces, then the white wine and the anchovy filets. Cook slowly until creamy. Cook the pasta in boiling salted water. Mix in the cauliflower cream, add grated pecorino and dribble of oil. Serve!

Your Comments

Hello T.A.

You are a lucky lady to have a bottle of Casa Bellavista Extra Virgin Olive Oil saved for you. I can attest to how good it is, having used it in the cooking lessons I have had from Simonetta and in the meals she has served when my wife and I have stayed a Casa Bellavista.

I agree with you, this recipe sounds good. But the question is, when you make it this weekend are you also going to make homemade pasta? Perhaps after your cooking lessons next year when you visit Simonetta at Casa Bellavista.

Dave Galusha

Posted by: Dave Galusha at Dec 13, 2005 7:12:17 PM