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Thinking Of You With Food Gifts

Posted: February 15, 2006
by: Mark Stine

I am so pleased that our friend and GourmetStation patron, Mark Stine, has agreed to write for Delicious Destinations from time to time. Mark's latest post demonstrates ways to show you care with food gifts. Mark combines personal memories with practical ways to say "thinking of you" for the people in our lives that have everything.Turquoise_wine_bottle_glass

My Grandmother had a habit every time I called her of saying “I was Just thinking about You”…now whether my Grandmother was psychic or tapped into the metaphysical remains to be seen, but since she had a lot of time on her hands, she probably was thinking about me and the odds of me calling and her thinking of me were probably pretty good. And those memories of her answering the phone with that response will always stick with me

Now being somewhat like my Grandmother, I find myself thinking of family, friends and past acquaintances. Some of it has to do with age. Being over 50, the portion of time remaining has become more important to me in how I spend it. And the actions I take towards others and how I am viewed …..and remembered someday.

Just recently I made a new acquaintance and was introduced to a breakfast and or lunch snack of toasted white bread, fresh avocado spread over bread and topped with Bacos, or imitation bacon bits. It was a unique little snack…and when a gifting opportunity presented itself, I purchased four bottles of imitation bacon bits made from soy protein and mailed them right off to say “Thanks” to a man who basically has everything anyone could want….. but he could use the imitation bacon bits in his everyday life. .A way of saying, “Thinking of You” for a friend. A simple thing, but surely more remembered than anything else I could have sent.

Gifts of food have been a part of most world cultures and was often reflected in the bounty of late summer and early fall as peaches were canned, German apples dried and Italian hams cured.

While the holiday season is a primary gifting opportunity, it’s after the holidays, when we all return to our normal routines, that is the time to step back and look at ourselves and our friends and remind them that we are “just thinking about you”

A wonderful opportunity exists to send to your friend, family member far away, or someone who is or was close to you, but due to the passage of time, the closeness may have faded….a reminder of how much you care.

What better way to recharge that connection than through a wonderful gourmet gift from GourmetStation. Often a friend or loved one may have had a dream of visiting some far off locale, but through the events of their life, may have gotten sidetracked along the way. A gift opportunity to transport them, if only for a respite, to Paris or Italy can be accomplished through a GourmetStation gift certificate or better yet surprise them with a specialty meal. A “personalized” card can be included…and they’ll remember you as part of that special meal from a locale they always wanted to visit.

And maybe next time…”They’ll be thinking of you”

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