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Gnocci With Asparagus

Posted: May 29, 2006
by: T.Alexander

Simonetta from Casa Bellavista, an exquisite Tuscan bed & breakfast in Cortona Italy, has graciously shared another one of her family’s time-honored recipes. Now if you think you can’t make home-made gnocchi - think again. Simonetta has shared a recipe that is not only delicious but it’s simple to prepare. Blended with asparagus sauce straight from the Tuscan market, this recipe is a favorite at Casa Bellavista and will surely be a favorite with your friends & family. If you’re looking for a unique vacation this summer and want to join Simonetta and her family at Casa Bellavista, you can participate in cooking classes from her authentic Tuscan kitchen. You may email Simonetta at info@casabellavista.it or visit their website at http://www.casabellavista.it/ - Enjoy and thank you Simonetta!

Gnocci With AsparagusSimonetta_lulu

1000g. white potatoes

250g. white flour 0


gr. 500 fresh asparagus

1 onion


lemon zest

grated parmesan cheese

Extra Virgin olive oil

Gnocci: Cook the potatoes in their skins in salted water. Peel and pass, add the flour, salt and knead into a dough. Divide the dough and cut into sections, then roll into long sausages. Cut into small pieces and roll each with one finger to make them curl.

Sauce: Cut tops from asparagus spears. Boil stems in salted water until tender. Drain then use the same water to lightly boil the tops. Keep the water. Finely chop the onion and brown lightly in a little oil. Add the asparagus stems and, after cooking for a few moments, put through the blender. Replace the mixture in the pan, add a little of the asparagus cooking water and the peas and cook together. When almost cooked add the asparagus tops, salt, pepper and grated lemon zest.

In the meantime cook the gnocchi in the asparagus cooking water, drain.

Add to the cooked vegetables and stir in the grated parmesan.

Serve immediately.

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