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EsentiaTours - Return of Personalization

Posted: September 30, 2006
by: T.Alexander

Personal attention is a luxury these days; something special to give and receive. Personal attention is our goal at GourmetStation. Many businesses opt for a large scale, one-size-fits-all approach. That’s not our appraoch nor is it the approach of EsentiaTours. If your recent vacations have left you feeling like herded sheep, read on about EsentiaTours. Here's how they define themselves.

"EsentiaTours is a small travel agency specializing in authentic culinary experiences for the discerning traveler. Our belief is that the best way to access a culture is through its food. Come with us on a journey that will indulge your palate, sate your hungers and stimulate your senses."


There are a few key words here that work for me....small, authentic and discerning. I also happen to agree with EsentiaTours that understanding the food of a region is truly understanding culture.

From November 5 - 9, 2006 you can participate in the good life with these fine people by participating in their Spanish culinary tour designed to understand and experience olive oil. Olive oil is the focus because of the time of year and harvest, but there's much more to experience than just olive oil on this tour. Arrival is at the Barcelona airport where a private car waits to whisk you away to a countryside home and wine tasting hosted by Helena (more about Helena in a second). Cooking classes, a visit to an olive oil farm, market visits, a bread-making session and cheese making workshop are just part of the fun. There's even an olive-stuffing workshop where you enjoy the cheese that you made the prior day. Additional workshops include quince past and marmalade making for the gourmands that really want to get hands-on.

So what's the draw for you? The notion of a Spanish culinary excursion? Wine and cheese? I'll tell you what it is for me. The people behind the scenes that have the passion and imagination to put together a company and series of tours on this level. Meet Helena Garriga, a native of Girona who recently returned to Catalunya after living in New York City for ten years. She is joined by Jess Shaefer, a writer and aspiring polyglot who acts as the company's representative in New York. Pickledolive

Now the rest is up to you. Check it out. Take time to smell the roses, or stuff the olive if you would. You deserve it!

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