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Musings from Casa Fagiano…

Posted: October 29, 2006
by: Dave, Edie & Simonetta

It was a quintessential October day in the rolling hills of Northwestern Connecticut.  The autumn colors were magnificent…the sky was almost the blue of the Tuscan sky…the air was crisp and a soft breeze was blowing out of the southwest.  It was a perfect day to begin preparations for the anticipated New England winter soon to follow.

And so, after a day of dealing with leaves, shutting down the outside water, changing from screens to storm windows and a few other miscellaneous tasks, it was time to relax, enjoy the sunset, a glass of wine and dinner.  As I entered the house, having put the leaf blower away, delicious aromas greeted my sense of smell.  I knew instantly that dinner was going to be great.

In addition to being an avid gardener, my wife Edie is a “creative cook”.  She delights in augmenting existing recipes with added ingredients she feels will enhance the taste or in creating new recipes especially if what she uses comes from her garden.  This year’s garden included some great tasting zucchini squash, superb eggplant and a bumper crop of tomatoes.  She was using these ingredients to form the basis of two delightfully tasteful dishes. Picture1

The fresh cherry tomatoes had been sliced in half and were marinating in a dish along with fresh basil (from the herb garden), salt, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and Gorgonzola cheese.  In addition, small cubes of eggplant and diced pieces of pepper (both from her garden) had been sautéed and added to the tomatoes.  On the stove, a pot of water was being brought to a boil for the pasta. 

Also on the stove was a cast iron fry pan in which she had sautéed squash and sliced onion.  They had been topped with Parmesan cheese.  Picture2_1

When the pasta was al dente, Edie drained it and added it to the sauce, which was marinating in the dish.   A light tossing blended the pasta with the sauce and melted the Gorgonzola combining all the ingredients into a wonderful bouquet of flavors.


Served along with a glass of red wine, this dinner was the perfect ending to a beautiful autumn day in southern New England.



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