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Get Ready To Rattle With Red Diamond Wine

Posted: December 9, 2006
by: T.Alexander

Wake up wine world. There’s a whole new breed of wine shaking & rattling in the great state of Washington. When I think of Washington I think of misty Seattle and the ubiquitous Starbucks. You might even think of giant software Microsoft. Think again wine lovers because the real gem of Washington state is none other than Red Diamond Wine makers.


In 2003 these pioneering wine makers introduced a limited release of Red Diamond merlot. Red Diamond says that demand grew from a “ripple to a wave” they could ride and so followed Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon in 2005.

So what’s with the name Red Diamond Wine? Eastern Washington state not only enjoys a dry arid climate just right for the vineyards – it’s also perfect for rattlesnakes. Hence the cool name and the dynamic logo with a little twist at the tail.

Every winery promotes their brand personality. You know - sleek, snobby, sophisticated. I think I like Red Diamond’s “down to earth” personality:

“We may not have big city lights or hip nightlife, but we do know a lot about growing grapes. Our expertise is found in each bottle of Red Diamond wine. In our small corner of the world, we think we've hit on one of life's great truths... sometimes it takes a slower pace to satisfy big city tastes. When you enjoy our wines, we want you to relax. Our wines are not designed to intimidate, mystify or induce snobbery. They're made to tempt your taste buds, with enticing flavors truly representative of each grape varietal. So don't wait for a special occasion or destination - wherever, however and with whomever you choose to drink Red Diamond wine is your choice. No reason required.”

Email info@reddiamondwine.com to find the nearest retail outlet. Are you ready to get rattled?

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