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The LA Book.com Discovers GourmetStation

Posted: December 8, 2006
by: T.Alexander

I love California and California loves GourmetStation. The LA Book.com discovered GourmetStation and a lucky reader won a Dinner of the Month program for three months. Congratulations Maya Tyler. Enjoy what Elyse Glickman has to say about GourmetStation and our line of of luxurious gourmet food gifts.

In Southern California, there are many different ways to have a romantic night out, until you realize there are some occupational hazards -- high parking fees, no-parking zones, surly valet people, dress codes, waiting lists and the occasional waiter who really wants to direct. There is also the romance of eating in, without the commute or distractions. However, many of even the biggest foodies among are armchair travelers in the Food Network universe, and deep down, we know Trader Joe's (as much as we love it) still may leave a little something to be desired in the romance department.

Coming to the rescue of our palates and romantic fantasies is GourmetStation.com, a service that allows you to create and customize gourmet food gifts with a prolific selection of offerings in a variety of categories (Parisian, Tuscan, Cajun and Fusion/Asian) to suit every mood and taste. Their unique "Create A Meal" menu allows you to make personalized selections, tailoring a prepared meal menu exactly to your liking and your significant others, right down to gourmet coffee and tea and the candlelight too!

GourmetStation.com goes beyond offering imaginative food gifts. they cook up lasting memories, too. Plus with special gift presentation and a 30-minute preparation window, you can stop waiting and start living. In addition to romantic dinners, meanwhile, Gourmetstation.com offers special menus for birthdays, anniversaries, and congratulatory dinners. Simply go to the web suite, cruise the menu, choose the 3- or 4-course extravaganza that suits your fancy, or customize your own from a prolific list in each category. And for just $69.99 to $79.99, based on the number of courses, the perfect gourmet gift will arrive at your home, perfectly packaged right down to the candlelight.

To whet your appetite, visit www.gourmetstation.com.

This week, one lucky reader will see the term "eating in" in a whole new way with one home-delivered gourmet meal for two delivered every month for three months to their home.

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