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Soup Trends & Soup Gifts - Bound To Please

Posted: January 4, 2007
by: T.Alexander

Specialty Food Magazine is a great source for fancy food trends. I just read an article in their November/December 2006 issued called “The New Look Of Soups: Hearty, Healthy, Ethnic.” And it starts out with a little cocky advice – “move over cream of mushroom.”

So what’s new with soups? Specialty Food Magazine based their opinion on research and here’s what they have to say about what’s new:

Ethnic flavors (like ramen Japanese noodles with a new twist / more on that subject)

Old classics made over (like chic ingredients added to say, cream of tomato soup)

Seafood Chowders

More meat options

Heartier, healthier ingredients (so your favorite soup recipe become a new stew recipe)

Low sodium, high flavor (this trend gets my vote)

Upscale ingredients

Packaging ingenuity

Specialty Magazine goes on to say “Chefs too are upping the ante, creating fresh buzz around certain soups by adding chic and artisanal ingredients. Hot restaurants such as Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City are redefining ramen, a Japanese noodle soup commonly known in America as a dried, instant product. The restaurant attracts long lines of every nationality waiting to eat ramen studded with high quality trendy ingredients such as Berkshire pork belly and locally grown Swiss chard.”

Which bring me to my next bit of exciting news. GourmetStation is offering free 2nd day shipping on their soup gifts through December 31, 2006. Not only does your gift recipient receive free shipping, they receive their gourmet food gift in a stylish cooler and the soup gift goes a little further than a soup gift. All configurations include six delicious soups ready to heat on the stovetop along with six mini baguettes and six bake your own gourmet cookies, like Amaretto, Cappuccino or Macadamia Nut. Delicious.

So if you’re looking for a unique gourmet food gift in January and you want to get their attention, check out the International Soup Sample. Oh so chic!Fusion_soup_1

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What a delicious sounding recipe! I'm printing this and going to add it to my fridge with a magnet for trying! Thanks again ...

Posted by: Dog In The Car at Jan 14, 2010 1:45:42 PM