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French Press - For Coffee Lovers Only

Posted: March 24, 2007
by: T.Alexander

Thanks to The Gourmet Retailer for sharing some history and tips on the French Press for in home coffee brewing. Trivia: 1933 was the year that the first French Press patent was applied for although the method was said to be developed in the 1850’s.  French_press

So what’s the big deal about a French Press? It’s simple – achieving the perfect cup of coffee – consistently – without a lot of effort. The Gourmet Retailer reminds us that there are 4 key ingredients to brewing an excellent cup of coffee: 1) high quality, freshly roasted ground coffee 2) maintaining water temperature between 192 – 204 degrees F 3) proper surface area contact between water & ground coffee 4) contact time. I’ll add a 5th – sparkling clean equipment. The French Press method achieves optimum results for all these criteria. And because coffee oils are not trapped in a coffee filter, the flavor is richer – not necessarily stronger – just more, well..original.

Ease of use – It’s easy. Start with coarsely ground high quality coffee and about one rounded tablespoon per four-ounce cup. Add hot water. Stir the coffee grinds, replace the lid and let stand for four minutes. Then just push the plunger down slowly and firmly to insure even distribution. The rest is pure ecstasy – you, your perfect cup of coffee and your quiet time.

Try Espresso Zone for a nice French Press selection ranging from $29.99 to $69.99.

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