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Juustoleipa - Cheese From Reindeer Milk

Posted: March 14, 2007
by: T.Alexander

I chose to give up eating meat several years ago and even ventured into the world of the vegan. Two foods held me back from crossing over - one, seafood and the other cheese. The world of cheese is as rich as gold. The variations from country to country are fascinating. If you are a cheese lover, consider JuustoleipaReindeer_use

Considered a specialty in Finland and Lapland, Juustoleipa may be made from reindeer's milk. Curd is drained and pressed into a flat wooden platter with a rim and placed on fire until the outer layer is toasted. The end result is a crispy cheese that resembles bread (a la the name cheese bread). Under the surface it is rich and creamy. Served at breakfast it is delicious with jam and your favorite hot beverage. Rumor: Santa is said to enjoy Juustoleipa before making his famous annual trek!

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