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Montrachet For Your Delight

Posted: April 3, 2007
by: T.Alexander

This year GourmetStation is featuring Chicken Montrachet as the center of the plate for Mother’s Day brunch 2007. If you’re not sure what Montrachet is all about, below are the definitions for both cheese & wine. Food critics will agree that the combination of Montrachet cheese with poultry makes a delightful eating experience. Enjoy.

Montrachet cheese

[mohn-truh-SHAY, mawn , -ruh-SHEH]

Cheese: A white goat cheese, with a creamy texture and mild tangy flavor, which is made into a log shape and covered with salted ash. Typically made with a very thin rind, Montrachet or Montrachet Chèvre as it also known, is aged wrapped in vine or chestnut leaves. The best flavor is provided when the cheese is still fairly young, considered to be or labeled as a fresh milk cheese.

Wine: Montrachet is a grand cru vineyard between the villages of Chassagne- and Puligny-Montrachet that produces what many consider to be the greatest white wine in the world. Montrachet is located in the south of the Cote de Beaune. The Cote de Beaune is the southern half of the Cote d'Or, which is the most important of the several wine producing areas of Burgundy. Wines from Montrachet are composed entirely of chardonnay but, like all French wines, are referred to by their place of origin rather than by varietal.

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