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The Soule Domain – and It’s a Wonderful Day in Dick’s World

Posted: April 15, 2007
by: Mark Stine

As time has gone by, I have become a fair weather skier. Now mind you, I have been skiing since age 15 and turn 53 this month. After seeing Olympic skier Stein Erickson a few years back in Deer Valley, Utah, I am inspired to keep going, as he has  done…..and for the record Stein is in his 80’s and still going quite strong.  And I hope to still tackle the slopes when I am his age…..

But, there is cold weather skiing and then there is spring skiing, accented with brilliant sunshine, long days and late afternoons spent on the sun deck drinking a favorite libation. And I have become a fair weather skier by choice.

Well this spring’s ski trip turned up a wonderful lodging spot in south Lake Tahoe, The Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort. I hooked up with my friend Ed and his family and hosted them at a timeshare exchange right on the lake.  I got there first and was greeted with 67 degrees in South Lake Tahoe, hardly putting one in the mood for skiing, so I spent the afternoon sunning and walking along the shores of lake.

It has been a number of years since I had been to a ski resort in the area…and was taken by all the large Ponderosa Pines and the brilliant blue of the lake surrounded with snow capped peaks and remembered how I felt when I first experienced the scenery there. It really is a magical place.

While the snow conditions were not optimal this year, it was still more than adequate for our group and we had a great time skiing a more family oriented resort, Sierra, about a 20 minute drive from our lodge. Once we got everyone in to ski equipment, off they went to lessons or to the top of the mountain, where a great 2.5 mile trail makes it easy for even beginners to work their way down the mountain.

I have to tell you though, one of the reasons Lake Tahoe was picked over Park City this year, is that Ed, a retired dentist attended Emory dental school with an old friend, Dick, who still works his practice on the north shore of Lake Tahoe and Ed thought it would be great to get to visit with them as well as ski.

So, after a few days at the ski resort, we drove up the east side of Lake Tahoe to meet Dick and his wife Sandy at a restaurant they recommended, called The Soule Domain. What a treat. The marketing brochure positions the restaurant as featuring “Creative American Cuisine in an elegant Log Cabin” and that is exactly what they deliver. The chef/proprietor is Charles Edward Soule IV and all of our dishes were wonderfully presented and artfully done with excellent flavor profiles. (The Soule Domain: Can be reached at 530 546 7529  and sits ½ block up Stateline Road across from the Tahoe Biltmore Casino Crystal Bay in North Lake Tahoe….or check out their website http://www.souledomain.com)


The dinner conversation was lively and one of the points brought up that night at dinner by Sandy and Ed was how life was for Dick.

I had heard Ed mention this fact before, but it was confirmed that night by Sandy in how life for Dick just seems well….perfect.

No matter what the issue in the world, what natural disasters were happening …. “It was always a wonderful day in Dick’s world.” Well two nights later we were invited to Dick and Sandy’s house sitting on Lake Tahoe and I go to see first hand how such a statement came to be.

Dick and Sandy have lived in Lake Tahoe for quite a few years and have worked hard to establish the life that they have. Dick has his dental practice in a building that overlooks Lake Tahoe. His commute to work is a 15 minute or less kayak ride down the shoreline from his home. He did confess to me that if the lake level rises he can’t paddle under some of the docks and has to go around them, adding 3 minutes to the paddle commute. All the while admiring the scenery, snow capped peaks in winter and gorgeous weather and pines in the summer.


Sandy is equally athletic, tanned and quite accomplished as well. Their young adult kids were off in Argentina exploring and dinner at their house that night was relaxing. It was fun to see how life had turned out for Dick and Sandy. Wonderful life together, smart and attractive children, beautiful home, world class scenery and long term established friendships.

So as you can see, it really is a wonderful day in Dick’s world….and I thank them for sharing. And I thank Ed for allowing me the privilege of meeting Dick and Sandy.  Now we all can’t live on Lake Tahoe, but I would like to think that just perhaps, if we all step back and look at the positives in our own lives, a little bit of Dick’s world just my rub off……and I hope it’s a wonderful day in your life too!

Mark Stine

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I'm glad that you had a good experience at the Soule Domain, I wish that I could say the same. I have never been more disappointed in a meal in my entire life. The wait-staff was inattentive and cold and the food was, frankly, unappealing. Maybe I will try it again after reading your review, but I doubt it ... no testimonial will make up for the terrible experience that I had at the Soule Domain.

Posted by: Tom at Jun 24, 2007 10:39:40 PM