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World's Best Grilled Hamburger

Posted: August 19, 2007
by: T.Alexander

Summer is still in full swing and outdoor grilling is a passionate hobby pursued by many foodies. The fierce competitiveness of who has the best barbecue sauce or which family or church can produce the best baked bean recipe amazes me. So I decided to do a little research & come up with my own suggestions of who’s who in outdoor grilling.

Time, heritage and proven recipes are part of winning formula. And while meat quality is an important factor, the secret is in the sauce. Take Country Bob’s grilling sauces for example. Bob Edson first developed is steak sauce in 1968 and has since grown a thriving business.  The nice people at Country Bob’s were generous enough to supply us with samples and recipes and here is out pick.


Honolulu Bob Burgers

2 lbs. Ground beef

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

4 well drained fresh (or canned) pineapple slices

4 slices Cheddar cheese

Divide beef into 4 portions and shape into patty.

Grill one side over hot coals & turn patties.

Spread Country Bob’s sauce

Grill until desired doneness is achieved

Place pineapples slices on burgers

Grill a minute or so more & apply cheese slices

When cheese melts, you’re ready to assemble your Honolulu burger

Sounds simple – well it is, but the secret is in the sauce & the sauce will make you a hero at your next grilling event. There are many more recipes on Country Bob’s web site & you can ever purchase his cookbook. Happy grilling!


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I am going to have to try some of these different grilling sauces. They sound like they would taste very good. Thanks!

Posted by: Silicone cookware at Mar 13, 2009 4:32:34 PM