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American Specialty Foods - Visit American Feast

Posted: September 8, 2007
by: T.Alexander

GourmetStation menu recipes were consumer tested in 1998, almost 10 years ago. Two themes were tested, an international spin with menus from four regions and a home-town spin, menus from the famous Aunt Bee’s Kitchen from The Andy Griffith Show. The international menus won the research by a landslide so GourmetStation launched in 2000 with Parisian, Tuscan, Cajun & Asian-Fusion menus. In 2006 a GourmetStation affiliate said, “why don’t you launch an Americana style menu”? With the passing time since the consumer research and the very different political climate almost 10 years later, we decided to give Americana a try. The menu personality was branded with a great outdoors theme, entrees from field, sky & stream and is now climbing into #3 position in terms of popularity. Now what does all that say? Consumers are returning to their roots? They are realizing that there are exciting culinary experiences right at home? Appreciation for Americana fare has come full circle? How about all of the above!


This back-story brings me to the point of this post. I have discovered a web site and blog that will bring you all the warmth, excitement and variety you could imagine – American Feast. Now we’re not just talking Americana style recipes and the like….we’re talking about a holistic approach to American food from the sustainable family farm to the table – something you will not find in any other online or offline location. American Feast is the brainchild of Jeff Deasy. Here’s what Jeff says about his concept – “Our new company is dedicated to presenting our customers with the best possible selection of specialty foods from all regions of the United States. We want to give our customers the best of American fare for the joy of home cooking and entertaining family and friends.” Jeff gets our vote for achieving his goal.

I won’t steal all the thunder from your site visit, but would like to point out a few items that I found of special interest. First is the whole notion of sustainable foods and sustainable agriculture. American Feast does a great job in this blog post of informing us about the official definition of sustainable agriculture as Congress defined it in the Farm Bill in 1990. I think we all understand in general that we’re talking about balance between human demand, environmental concerns, renewable resources, economics and sustainability of the American farm lifestyle.  American Feast gently reminds us that the successful implementation of the philosophy depends upon consumers and the choices they make every day…..purchasing from those sources that practice sustainable agriculture as often as we can will determine the quality and potential of the food supply we leave our children. Bravo American Feast. (You can also purchase books such as Is Our Food Safe: A Consumer’s Guide To Protecting Your Health and Environment.)

You can also shop at American Feast. The sweets caught my eye – first the Schoolyard Sugarbush organic maple syrup from upstate New York. Not to mention Ghana’s organic chocolate. I’m going to make a purchase as soon as I finish this post.  You can keep up with food news on American Feast blog where there are many categories to browse such as organics and tips for travelers and vegetarians. For American Specialty Foods, check it out – American Feast. Congratulations Jeff & Team. Job well done!


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