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ThousandFlavors.com - A Taste of Peru

Posted: October 26, 2007
by: T.Alexander

How many emails do you receive daily? After a while you stop counting - delete / delete / delete. Rarely an email arrives that speaks to your heart. You don't even think about deleting – just read & get lost for a moment in something very lovely. I received such an email and it's all about the flavors of Peru. A trip to Cusco anyone? I won't even begin to match the writing skills of Alvaro Bedoya. Just read this & enjoy. (Alvaro has given us permission to write this post). Perhaps a trip to Peru will be in your future.


“When one hears the name Peru what comes to mind are images of mysterious Inca ruins, and snowed capped peaks of the Andes mountains. But what very few know is that Peru offers some of the most amazing cuisines in the world. At Land of a Thousand Flavors we want to show people what an incredible country Peru is by taking them on exclusive and unique gourmet trips around this fascinating country.

We invite you to visit our web site: Land of a Thousand Flavors

Our services are aimed for people looking for a unique traveling experience of discovery of new flavors, amazing places, while learning the secrets of the local cuisine, and meeting people working at extraordinary Peruvian gastronomy, while enjoying gourmet meals and pisco & wine tastings, we are proud of offering this side of Peru and Argenitna,  our programs will simply surpass all your expectations, we look foward to hear form you, and see in which way,  can we work together, we have many recipes, articles, trips and secrets of this wonderfull gastronomy and are more than happy to share them.

Peru has been blessed with a gigantic amount of different ingredients, ranging from more than 3.000 thousand different varieties of potatoes! To tropical fruits, and fish from the Pacific Ocean , there are also rare meats like Alpaca and guinea pig, and wonderful herbs like Huacatay. This rich variety of ingredients has been used for thousand of years by the ancient Peruvians, but what made today’s gastronomy so unique has been the outside influences first by the Spanish Conquistadores, African slaves, and then by Chinese, Italian, and Japanese currents of immigrations. They all brought with them their own ingredients and cooking techniques, this mix has produced a cuisine in its own right.

There is a wealth of extremely rich flavors that will leave even the most seasoned gourmand in culinary ecstasy. From the coastal sea food classics like tiradito (sashimi like fish with a chilly sauce) to the Andean dishes using Quinoa and wonderful aromatic herbs, not to mention the sweets which since colonial times are a passion of Limenos.

A rich cuisine needs a great alcoholic beverage and in Peru its called Pisco, made from the grapes brought by the Spanish nearly 500 years ago, it’s a clear spirituous drink, similar to grappa, with character and a wonderful taste Pisco has yet to win its reputation in the world but there is no doubt it will as it elegant drink that drank straight or on cocktails like Pisco Sour never disappoints.

Kind regards,

Alvaro Bedoya

Executive Director

Land of a Thousand Flavors

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