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Family Crests & Custom Items From Sage Sublime

Posted: November 4, 2007
by: T.Alexander

Personalization is a big word these days. We all want our individualism recognized in one-way or another, and we act out this need in the clothes we wear or the car we driver. There are simple ways to claim our individuality through personalized coffee mugs; mouse pads & the like but most are....well, ho hum. Let me tell you about personalization at the highest level…. your own family crest.

You do not have to be a Rothschild or Rockefeller to have your family icons artfully collected in a family crest.  You can have one designed in a reasonable period of time and at a reasonable cost. Meet Paige Taylor…artist supreme of Sage Sublime. Paige led me through the process of creating a family crest by asking a few questions.  Favorite color, favorite flower, favorite place & what I love most in the world. The result is what you see below; pure beauty. The colors are the colors of my Victorian home wrapping around the Eiffel Tower representing my favorite city. My favorite flowers are lilies and they flank the most important thing in my life, Borzoi (Russian Wolfhounds – you’ll find 5 or 6 at our home on any given year.) After the design was completed, I was able to have the crest printed on greeting cards, shirts, tote bags (and believe me, I did).



If you have an interest in creating your own family crest, say for a unique holiday gift - contact Paige at paige.sagesublime@gmail.com The crest would also make a wonderful gift for a guy or gal graduating from school & embarking upon life’s journey.

Paige also provides other design services like these lovely holiday cards. Let It Snow is my favorite collection. Contemporary & fresh, but not to be outdone by this collection of cards for your favorite nerd! Enjoy.


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