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Real-Restaurant-Recipes.com - The Secret Is Out!

Posted: November 10, 2007
by: T.Alexander

Donna Hager initially learned many of her skills while cooking beside her mother and other family members and then honed those skills cooking for family, friends and relatives for years. She so loved to entertain and cook and try new recipes, in 1983 she did a "foolish thing." She started her own restaurant in a small town in Washington State.

Donna already knew a great deal about food but she brought one more element to her restaurant business that was equally important. She knew, and loved, people. The food she prepared was exactly as advertised and, coupled with the quality and accommodating service her restaurant provided, the business became very successful.

So successful was the restaurant, soon regionally known (greater Seattle area) chefs and souse chefs from other restaurants were working with her. She "went to school" with them on a daily basis almost since the time she opened the restaurant. The menu expanded to include foods the locals were not familiar with.

Because the customers trusted the food and service so much, they began broadening their culinary choices when ordering to include new international cuisine offered on the daily fresh sheets. As the reputation of the restaurant grew, Donna was asked more and more - almost daily - for the recipes. Regionally read newspapers requested the recipes and then still more and more people wanted these recipes. She was asked about writing a cookbook but simply did not have the time. Then, an idea came to her. She decided to share her "real restaurant recipes" by publishing them on the Internet.

So in her spirit of wanting to share and accommodate her "guests," a new venture was born - her website called Real-Restaurant-Recipes.com. The website is now on its way to becoming so successful in terms of traffic and online visitors she is almost overwhelmed by the response. But instead of feeling over-worked by this additional task, she is totally exhilarated, adding to the site on a daily basis.

Real-Restaurant-Recipes offers quality breakfast recipes, lunch and dinner recipes and everything in between including appetizer recipes, dessert recipes, recipes for soups, fabulous salads, salsas, sauces and gravies and so much more.

"What! No time to cook? Friends and relatives too far away to join you on special occasions?" Donna discovered GourmetStation when she was in a bind to send a quality food gift to some relatives. She ordered a dinner gift from us and waited for the "reviews." The relatives were jubilant! So - then she agreed to become a GourmetStation author to share information and recipes with you. No formal culinary schooling - only mom and grandmom and other family members and then over two decades of hands-on experience with a number of quality chefs. This background provided Donna with the culinary skills she needed for her restaurant and her successful Real-Restaurant-Recipes.com.

Please take a moment to visit Donna at Real-Restaurant-Recipes.com. You'll be glad you did! And when you do visit Donna, don't forget to subscribe to her free electronic newsletter appropriately titled "What's Cookin."


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Madam, It is a good thing you have done. We would be able to learn lot of items to make from Real Restauraunt Recipes.

Posted by: Venkatesh Iyer at Dec 8, 2007 8:38:56 AM