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South American - Gourmet Tours 2008

Posted: February 1, 2008
by: Alvaro Bedova

Tango & Samba Gourmet
Special Departure only July 2008!


This is a fasciniting trip encopasing some of the greatest countries in South America, Argentina & Brazil.
From the romantic tango filled streets of Buenos Aires, to the Samba of Rio de Janeiro, and the mighty Iguazu falls, the beaches of Ihla Grande we travel in style, enjoying the culture, the sights, and of course the food of this two amazing

Trip Starts: Saturday 19th July in Buenos Aires
Trip Ends: Friday 2nd August in Rio de Janiero

Trip Name: Tango & Samba Gourmet
Location: Argentina – Brazil
Places we visit: Buenos Aires – Esteros del Ibera wetlands – Iguazu Falls – Ihla Grande – Rio de Janeiro
Trip length: 14 days
Maximun Number of Participants: 16
Trip Price Special Offer at: 1.990 U$S

Trip details:


We will start in Buenos Aires, one of the greatest cities in the Americas, it has culture, great food (steak & wine), beautiful people, good nigh life, and lots to see.

Then we will spend some days in the country side at an old ranch in the wet lands of Corrientes, from the ranch we will explore the “esteros” by boat an area with Caimans and Pirahanas, we will also go horse back riding with Gauchos on the plains. The ranch is beautiful, and it even has a good pool.

From the ranch we wil go North to the Iguazu falls, this is one of the most beautiful places in the world, waterfalls, sub tropical forest, here we will take a speed boat, and go under some of the falls…also we will go on hikes around the park.

Also in Iguazu we will take a short day trip to Paraguay, just across the border, into the black markets, where you can buy anything from dvd’s to clothes, to electronica, and expirience briefly Paraguay.

From Iguazu we will take a flight to Sao Paulo (we wont stay in the city) from here we will drive along the coast to the town of Angra, and here a private schooner will take us to the paradise island of Ihla Grande.

On the island we will go to amazing beaches, take on a boat trip to a blue lagon, and enjoy  great sea food, parties, and hikes in the rain forest our hotel here are wooden cabins very relaxed.

Last but not least is Rio de Janeiro, here we will do the Christ of the Redeemer up Corcobado mountain, Ipanema beach, and of course go to a Samba venue in the distric of Lapa on the last night of the trip.

All in all a great life time trip, with a combination of two great cities, adventure, animals, nature, boat rides, beaches, amazing local food, and cooking classes and a lot more.

What’s Included: This trip is designed will all the activities, transport, accommodation,food, and guiding included. There are no hidden extras, and you will be busy everyday on very cool activities, for everyday of the trip there is something to do to maximize your time in South America.

We also include all the breakfast and one great meal a day.

Activities (Detailed of all the Included Activities by Location) The activities are the core of the trip we spend a lot of time looking and selecting them so that everyone in the group is happy, so the activities are as varied and different as possible as to suit everyone taste.

In Buenos Aires:

A perfect blend of European with Latin American, Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, it's a wonderful city, and the perfect place to start your South American trip. Full of parks; tree lined avenues, interesting architecture, and very friendly people. Many people fall in love with the city, its culture, its wonderful people and its vibrant lifestyle.

Tour of the city, around the main sights of the city, Plaza the Mayo, San Martin, Florida, Evita`s grave, Palermo and Recoleta. We will also go to Puerto Madero on the old docklands, and to the famous Sunday Market in San Telmo.

We will also go to a great Tango show the classic music from Buenos Aires. And just before the show you will have a chance to dance someTango yourself!

Your tour leader will also show you the best places to shop, and have a good time.

At the Corrientes wet lands the Ranch:

In the northern province of Corrientes, the Esteros del Ibera a natural wet land. Home to a super abundant collection of wild life. From alligators, to monkeys, and hundreds of bird species. Here we stay at an 18th century ranch part of which is a national reserve.

It is a wonderful natural setting, here we will do from a boat ride, hiking, or on horse back we explore this amazing nature reserve. Looking for caimans just like Steve Irving, and enjoying the life of the Gauchos in the Ranch were we stay. It’s a fasciniting place, a great location, and the activities are exellent.

In Iguazu:

A dazzling panorama of cascades whose power overwhelms the sounds of the surrounding jungle, Las Cataratas del Iguazu (Iguazu Falls) refers to the spectacular canyon of waterfalls fed by the Rio Iguazu. Declared a World Heritage Area by UNESCO in 1984, these 275 waterfalls were shaped by 120 million years of geological history and form one of earth's most unforgettable sights.

When we visit the park we take a speed boat down a river canyon to the first approach which is spectacular, the hikes later give you a full panorama of this magnificent spot and one of the highlights of the continent. We also do about 8 km hiking to the different view points and the different falls.

At the end of the day we hike to the Devil’s throat a spectacular spot to make a memorable group photo.

In Paraguay:

We enter briefly in Paraguay just for half a day to visit the famous black markets in Ciudad del Este. It will give you a glimpse into another (very different) South American country, and to browse in its huge black markets, where you can find anything from perfumes to very cheap DVD’s.

In Ilha Grande

Boat trip all day to the Blue lagoon on the Schooner Perola do Mar a great boat, we can do some snorkeling, and enjoy a great day out in the sea.

Hike to Lopes Mendez beach one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever been too.

The island is simply fantastic, its tropical and bieng a national park is not flooded with visitors so the beaches are secluded and the town is quiet and engaging.

We will get there by a private boat a wonderful shooner called the Perola do Mar  (the sea pearl)

Rio de Janeiro

In Rio we will do the clasic trip to the Christ of the Redeemer up on Corcobado Hill, from here you will have some of the most increadible views of the city and the surroundings, the Christ was also voted recently one of the new world wanders.
We to go to Ipanema Beach and of course go to a Samba club in the colorfull ditrict of Lapa for a last night party.

Cooking lessons:

All the cooking lessons will be provided with the best local ingredients, the help of native chefs, as well as all the necessary materials, and information needed. Each lesson will cover an specific aspect of Argentine ad Brazilian gastronomy, regions, and flavors.

  • First Lesson at the Ranch in the Wet Lands Argentine BQQ meat and veggies
  • Second lesson at Iguazu regional food Empanadas and wine & cheese
  • Third lesson in Ihla Grande Brazilian Food
  • On the boat to the blue lagoon we will have a class on how to make Cahipirnas the classic Brazilian Cocktail

    Included Meals:

    Enjoying the diversity of the Argentine and Brazilian food is one of the attractions on this trip, everyday of the trip we have one included meal sometimes at local gourmet restaurants, sometimes we will make our own during the cooking lessons, and sometimes at local traditional places.

    (In this classic version we use great local restaurants as well as the food on the cooking lessons )

    Day 1 Arrival day Buenos Aires – no meals included
    Day 2 Buenos Aires – Tango show included dinner
    Day 3 Buenos Aires – Ranch – Night bus dinner included
    Day 4 Ranch – all meals included at the ranch
    Day 5 Ranch  - 1st cooking lesson Argentine bbq
    Day 6 Iguazu – lunch on our way from the Ranch to Iguazu
    Day 7 Iguazu – Second cooking lesson Empandas – Wine & Cheese
    Day 8 Iguazu – Dinner at a great local place
    Day 9 Ihla Grande – Dinner at a restaurant on the beach – sea food
    Day 10 Ilha Grande – third cooking lesson Feijoada
    Day 11 Ilha Grande – Brazilian cocktail on board the boat to blue laggon

    Day 12 Rio de Janeiro – Dinner at Rodizzio
    Day 13 Rio de Janerio – Lunch at local place in Ipanema
    Day 14 Rio dep Day – no meals planned

    All the meals will cater for everyone taste, we allways have veggie options, and they are one of the HIGHLIGHTS of the trip.


    We choose our hotels, and lodging not for 5star boringness but for cool style and character, where you stay makes also a good part of the trip and we are sure you will love the accommodation on this trip.

    In Buenos Aires : A charming hotel close to the areas of restaurants and night life. In the Recoleta Distric: Art Hotel

    In the wet lands of Corrientes : We stay in a real ranch , home of gauchos , and the culture of the country side. A great place built in the 18th century full of character. From here we will explore the wet lands home of Caimans and Pirahanas, also go horse back riding. San Juan Ranch

    In Iguazu : At a nice hotel , with a big swimming pool essentinal in the heat.
    Hostel Inn

    In Ihla Grande: At a lovley lodge, wood cabins with all the comfort right on the forest and 3’ away from the village of Abraoo. Mata Nativa Cabins

    In Rio de Janeiro: We stay at the upmarket district of Ipanema, 200 meters away from the beach and close to all the shops and entretainment. San Marcos Hotel

    Transport :

    In this trip we covered a huge distance, more than 3.000 km. So transport makes a very important deal of the journey. We choose a combination of private vans, for the shorter runs, private transfers to get to the bus stations, one sleeper comfortable line bus, and schooner trips.   

    There is nothing to worry for tall people as we do a lot of trips and know the average length, so no small places, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the buses.

    We also use a few other means of transport, specially on some of the activities, the boat looking for caimans, horse back riding in the ranch, speed boat at the falls

    Breakdown of the transport:

    Transfer International Airport to Hotel in Buenos Aires

    Private van for tour of Buenos Aires

    Transfer to Bus Station in Buenos Aires

    Night sleeper bus to Corrientes

    Boat and Horses in the wet lands Ranch

    Private van to Iguazu stoping along the way on the Jesuit Missions (see movie the Mission with R. de Niro and Jeremy Irons to see what I am talking about)

    Private van to Iguazu Falls and back to Hotel

    Private van to Paraguay black Markets

    Transfer to Iguazu Airport

    Flight to Sao Paulo

    Private van to Angra dos Reis and conection with private boat to Ilha Grande

    Van to Rio

    Van in Rio to go up the Corcobado Hill

    Transfer to International Airport

    Tour Leader:

    An english speaking Tour Leader will accompany the group at all times, and take care of all the logistics, running, and help to make the trip a great experience.

    It will also act as a translator, help you with all the local info you need, provide insight info, on restaurants, bars, etc, etc.

    The Tour Leader will be there to assist the group 24hs a day.

    Our TL have a good background in the history, gastronomy, and culture of the places we visit and will prove a great source of inforamtion for the group.


    Breakfast is included every morning.

    We also Include ONE MEAL a day see datails above

    Other meals are at the expense of the passenger.

    What`s not included:

    Your International flight from Home to South America

    Lunch, dinner, and drinks

    Presents, souvenirs, etc

    Things you wish to do outside the program.

    Day to Day Itinerary:

    Day 1 Saturday 19th July Buenos Aires

    Arrival day in Buenos Aires

    Depending on arrival time: If you arrive early we will do some sight seeing around.

    In any case as it is a Saturday we will go for a sample a BA night life, as a first inmersion in South American culture.

    Day 2 Sunday 20th Buenos Aires – Tour of the city

    Its Sunday the day to go to San Telmo market, explore the city centre, La Recoleta, and La Boca. It will be a good day learning all about the city. Tonight we go to a superb dinner and tango show and dinner

    Day 3 Monday 21st Buenos Aires – Night Bus to Corrientes

    We have the morning and till about 16.00 hs in BA this day you can use to buy some quality lether products, or other itmes as Argentina has good quality clothes for a good price.
    Later we will go to the bus station and take a Night Bus to Corrientes, the bus is comfortable, good reclinable seats, nothing to worry about.

    Day 4 Tuesday 22nd  Ranch San Juan in Corrientes

    The Bus will drop us on the road, from here we will picked up and drive a few km to the ranch itself. Today we will learn about life in the country side, later go horse back riding with the gauchos.

    Day 5 Wednesday 23rd Ranch San Juan in Corrientes

    Today we go on small boats in the marshes looking for caimans, we try to catch some pirahanas to feed them, the owner of the ranch Marcos Rams is a character and will go with us on the outings.

    Day 6 Thursday 24th Drive to Iguazu – Jesuit Missions – Visit Iguazu town

    After a good breakfast at the ranch, we will head towards the town of Iguazu 400km away, we have a private van to take us there. On the way we will stop at the Jesuit Mission (see above on activities) there is a movie you should watch before going there. We will arrive in Iguazu at the afternoon. Go to our hotel, maybe have some beers by the pool, and then go to the town.

    Day 7 Friday 25th Iguazu – Iguazu Falls

    A great day, all day at the national park , going on the speed boat, the hikes, enjoying the wonderful natural setting is a good day in nature. We will be in park all day, doing about 8 km in hikes in all.

    Tonight we can go to the Cuba Libre club a great place in town and party with the locals te celebrate our Iguazu falls days.

    Day 8 Saturday 26th Iguazu

    Today we do a day trip into the Brazilian side of the falls and to the black markets in Paraguay – a good chance to see a different country if briefly and the falls from another point of view.

    Day 9 Sunday 27th Flight to  SP , Van to Angra, Arrival in paradise at Ihla Grande.

    Today we take an early flight to Sao Paulo from there we have a few hours by private bus to Angra dos Reis, we will stop at the lovley Paraty and then continue to Angra , where a private boat will take us to the paradaise Isalnd where we will sepnd the next few days.

    Day 10 Monday 29th Ilha Grande -  Lopez Mendes hike to the beach

    If you like hiking today is you day, its only about 2 hours to get there , but walking trough some junlgy areas, to arrive to a beatifull beach, where you can relax , or surf, swim in the ocean. Later we will get back to Abrao (the village) by boat so we can stay longer on the beach.

    Day 11 Tuesday 30th Ilha Grande – Boat trip to Blue lagoon Party on the boat.

    One of the favourite days of the Trip, we will leave in the morning from Abrao on the Perola to the Blue Lagoon, and have caipirhinas on board,  the blue lagoon is amazing and here you can do some snorkel from our boat, we go back to the village later in the day , after a great day at sea.

    Day 12 Wednesday 31st    Rio  - Ipanema and the Christ
    We will leave very early in the morning  , then take a combo of boat and van to Rio , arriving in the city just before lunch.   Later we will go to the Christ to see the sun set over the city, very cool. 

    Day 13 Thursday 1st Rio de Janeiro – Biking and last night in Lapa Samba

    What a better way to see the coast line of Rio, Leblon, Ipanenma and Copacabana then on a bike, we will do a trip along the coast visiting this beautiful coast line, and beaches. Tonight we will go to Lapa to a great place called for our last night party.

    Day 14 Friday 2nd Rio de Janeiro – Dep day

    Last day , you will transfer to the airport with the memories of a lifetime of this amazing , unique , one of a kind trip.

    Peru Gourmet Adventure
    Special Departure only August 2008!


    Join us in this amazing two week Adventure, form the Pacific Coast in Lima to the cobbled streets of Cuzco, with a 4 day Trek in the Andes, a visit to the marvelous Sacred Valley of the Incas, and to the citadel of Machu Picchu; then the grand ending in a Jungle lodge at the Amazon Basin. This is unique trip, there are only 16 places available!

    Trip Starts: Saturday 2nd August 2008
    Trip Ends: Friday 15th August 2008
    Trip Name: Peru Gourmet Adventure
    Location: Peru
    Places we Visit: Lima – Cuzco – Salkantay Trek – Sacred Valley of the Incas – Machu Picchu – Puerto Maldonado Jungle Lodge
    Trip Length: 14 Days
    Maximum Number of Participants: 16
    Trip Price Special Offer at: 2.450  U$S

    Trip Resume:

    Peru is a land that has always fascinated travelers the world over. We have specially designed this trip for those who want to experience first hand the incredible foods and flavors of Peru but also those who have an Adventurous heart.

    From the Pacific coast in Lima we travel to the Andes to the Colonial city of Cuzco, then a 4 day trek in the Andes in one of the worlds most amazing settings; later Valley of the Incas with its small towns and markets, Machu Picchu the fabled city of the Incas comes next, and finally the Jungle at Puerto Maldonado.

    Come and join us in this unique Gourmet Adventure in Peru!

    What is Included in the Trip:

    Cooking lessons:

    They are one of the best part of the trip. All the cooking lessons will be provided with the best local ingredients, the help of native chefs, as well as all the necessary materials, and information needed. Each lesson will cover an specific aspect of Peruvian gastronomy, regions, and flavours.

    ·        First lesson in Ollantaytambo Classic Peruvian Cuisine

    ·        Second Lesson in the Jungle exotic cuisine

    ·        Third lesson in Lima Pisco and Peruvian drinks & Cocktails 

    At the end of the trip you will receive a certificate detailing the lessons as well as a Book on Peruvian Cuisine, and of course many recipies to take home. 

    Enjoying the fantastic food and drinks of Peru will be one of the highlights of the trip.


    Enjoying the diversity of the Peruvian food is one of the atractions on this trip, everyday of the trip we have one meal , and while on the trek and in the Junle ALL meals are included sometimes at local gourmet restaurants, sometimes we will make our own duiring the cooking lessons, and sometimes at local traditional places.

    Day 1   Arrival day – No meals Included

    Day 2   Cuzco – Lunch or Dinner at Pacha Papa (Andean Food)

    Day 3   Cuzco – Dinner at Incanto (Modern Peruvian Food)

    Day 4   Salkantay Trek (All meals Included)

    Day 5    Salkantay Trek (All meals Included)

    Day 6    Salkantay Trek (All meals Included)

    Day 7  Lunch on the Trek

    Day 8   Sacred Valley Ollantaytambo lunch at Huacatay

    Day 9   Cooking lesson in Ollantaytambo we get to eat what we cook

    Day 10 Cuzco dinner at MAP the best restaurant in town

    Day 11  Junlge lodge (all meals are Included) (cooking lesson Jungle)

    Day 12 Junlge Lodge ( all meals are Included)

    Day 13  Lima – Sea Food Dinner

    Day 14  Departure Day no meal included

    Breakfast is included everyday so you can start the day full of energy.


    We have carefully selected the activities on this trip, and they will suit everyones taste take a look some of the things we will be doing on this trip….

    • Walking tour of Lima atractions 
    • Walking Tour of Cuzco
    • Hike to the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman
    • Cooking lesson in Cuzco
    • 3 night – 4 days hike to Salkantay in the Andes with full service provided, porters, tents, cooks, and special guides
    • Sacred Valley of the Incas
    • Pisac Market
    • Cooking Lesson in Ollantaytambo
    • Hot Springs at Aguas Calientes
    • Machu Picchu site
    • Jungle hikes
    • Jungle boating for caimans and animal spotting
    • Making Cocktails and drinks with Pisco in Lima



    • All transfers to from Hotel and activities.
    • Flight to Cuzco
    • Train to Machu Picchu
    • Flight to the Jungle
    • Boat to jungle lodge
    • Flight back to Lima.

    All the transportation on the trip is covered.

    With the exception of any taxis or transport you might take on personal outings


    Ø      In Lima a comfortable Hotel in Miraflores. The Mariel

    Ø      In Cuzco a lovley Colonial House near the Main Square  La Casona

    Ø      In the Sacred Valley a nice Hotel in Ollantaytambo - Tika Valle

    Ø      In Aguas Calientes a very cool Lodge – Rupa Wasi

    Ø      In the Jungle at an amazing Lodge – Eco Amazonia 

    Tour Leader:

    Your Tour Leader will be highly qualified, he will also take part in the cooking lessons, help throughout the trip, and give valuable insight information on history, geography, and loads of tips to make your trip more memorable.

    Our tour leaders are part of the company and they love what they do, and will certainly make a great trip.


    Day 1 Lima Arrival Day Saturday 2nd August
    You will be picked up at Lima airport, transfer to the Hotel, then meeting the tour leader and the group.

    Day 2 Cuzco Sunday 3rd
    We leave in the morning with a flight to the Andes and the city of Cuzco. After checking in our hotel, we go for an orientation walk, and enjoy a Coca Tea that will help with the altitude.

    Later tonight we go for dinner at a classic Peruvian Restaurant the Pacha Papa in the lovley San Blas District.

    Day 3 Cuzco Monday 4th

    Today we have a full day to explore the city on foot, visiting the main sights, plazas and markets, all with the expert guiding of our tour leader.

    Later we will have a great gourmet dinner at the Incanto Restaurant.

    Day 4 Salkantay Trek Tuesday 5th

    Start of the trek, we will transfer with vans to the start of the trek, and meet the team of porters, cooks, and staff that will help us duiring the hike.

    As it is the first day we have to get our legs going , no more than 4-5 hours hike today is moderate but with good views of the Andes.

    First night camping, we provide all the equipment (except sleeping bags) that can be hired locally.

    Day 5 Trek Wednesday 6th

    Waking up in the Andes and having breakfast here will be a great expirience, today we hike a bit longer 7 hours in total, and we will have some altitude as we will reach a pass at a little above 4.000mts.

    When we reach our campsite all the tents will be ready and we will enjoy a hearty meal to replenish energies.

    Day 6 Trek Thursday 7th

    We start towards the last leg of the hike with amazing views of the Salkantay massif and its glaciers, duiring the day it will be hot and very sunny and cold at night.

    Today we walk at different altitudes from 3.500 to nearly 4.000 meters with awsome views of the Andes and if we are lucky we will see Condors flying above our heads.
    Last night camping.

    Day 7 Trek – Back to Cuzco Friday 8th

    Last leg of the hike, today we walk only about 4-5 hours, then we will say goodbye to our team of porters, cooks and guides, and head via private van back to Cuzco.

    First thing you will want to do is have a hot shower, and relax for a bit, the rest of the day is free so you can recharge your batteres for the second leg of the trip.

    Day 8 Sacred Valley – Ollantaytambo Saturday 9th

    A great day we get back on the road and we start with the toursty but nevetheless interesting Pisac Market , then the archeological site nearby, the Valley has great views, colorful towns and good buys.

    Then we continue for fantastic lunch at Huacatay restaurant were cook Pio will give us an awsome menu of varied local delicacies.

    Later we will go to a chicheria and try some corn beer made at the establishment it has a very particular taste, at the same spot they also have a guinea pig farm.

    We will arrive late in the day at Ollantaytambo where we will spend the night at this small village.

    Day 9 Train to Aguas Calientes – Sunday 10th

    In the morning we will explore the nearby archeological site, it’s the best time as the light is perfect.
    Then we will have the cooking lesson and make our own lunch at Mayupata restaurant.

    After our selfmade lunch we will board the train for the trip to Aguas Calientes, on arrival we will go to our lodge , and then its time to relax at the hot springs…

    Day 10 Machu Picchu – Cuzco Monday 11th

    A memorable day , today we go to Machu Picchu the fabled city of the Incas, a place that will leave a mark. We start early as we want to be there before the trains arrive with loads of people.
    We will have plenty of time to explore and learn about this site, those more daring can join the tour leader and climb the Huayna Picchu hill, and then go to the temple of the Moon cave…

    Later in the day we catch the train to Cuzco where we will have a GREAT meal at the MAP to celebrate Macchu Picchu.

    Day 11 Flight to the Jungle – Jungle Lodge Tuesday 12th

    We start the day with a flight to the Amazon Basin to the town of Puerto Maldonado. From there we will take on the river and travel by boat to the lodge.

    We will be welkom there around lunch time, after we have eaten we will visit Monkey Island, and as you guess from its name its full of local monkyes.

    Tonight we are going on a boat looking for caimans in the dark….

    Day 12 Junlge Lodge Wednesday 13th

    Waking up in the jungle is an expirience you will love the sounds and smell are unlike anything else.

    Today we will explore the jungle in a combination of hikes and canoe rides it will be the best chance to see animals and loads of birds.

    Back the lodge we will have a cooking lesson on local meals like the Juane, and it will be a chance to get to know more about this amazing part of the world.

    Day 13 Jungle – Flight back to Lima Thursday 14th

    After breakfast we will leave the lodge and get back to Puerto Maldonado by boat from there we catch a flight back to the big city on arrival we transfer to our hotel, and have some time to explore town.
    Then we have the Pisco cocktail lesson where we will not only enjoy the local alcohol but make some cool cocktails, tonight the last dinner will be sea food… and a farwell party!

    Day 14 Lima – Departure Day Friday 15th

    Last day in Peru , we will take you back to the airport for your flight back home and we hope you return with the memories of a lifetime!

    What is not included

    Flight to Peru

    Meals not mentioned in the program + itinerary

    Activities not mentioned on this program + itinerary

    Departure tax from Peru  29U$D

    Transport taken outside transfers or activities mentioned in the program itinerary

    For more details please writte to :

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