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Mother's Day Poem

Posted: April 16, 2008
by: T.Alexander

For All The Times

Hello, our wonderful Mother,
this special gift is just for you,
because we're proud of who you are,
and we're very proud of what you do.

And we just wanted to say "we love you",
but we didn't know where to start,
so we thought we'd share a few feelings,
and give you some words, straight from the heart.

Because you've always done so much for us,
yes, truly, thanks Mom, 'for all the times',
you have put so much into our lives, yes,
you've put the reason in our many rhymes.

You cooked and cleaned for us every day,
and mostly, it was without a single complaint,
and we all know we're blessed to have you as 'Mom',
we're so lucky! Our Mother is really a saint!

You really are a very special person, and
we've never said just how wonderful you are,
just now that if our love for you were a distance,
well, it would reach way beyond the furthest star.

We know you worked hard to keep us fed,
and some times that was tough, that's our hunch,
so for all the times that you cooked and cleaned, please
join us for; A Taste of Tuscany, your Mother's Day brunch.

Written For Mother's Day 2008 by
A Gift of Poetry
This beautiful poem will be included with GourmetStation's two delightful Mother's Day offerings: A Taste Of Tuscany Brunch For Two and Mother's Day Dinner Gift Certificate. Both offerings include free shipping, free gift wrap & 4 complimentary gifts: Mother's Day poem, white rose floating candle, mint tea and cherry caramel truffles.

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