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Welcome to delicious Destinations, a GourmetStation blog. Through the charater of T.Alexander and occasional real-life guests, our aim is to share with you light-hearted fun ideas about food, gift giving, entertaining and culture. At the same time we would love you hear from you. Please share your experiences from home or abroad.

Tuscan Menu - Summer Favorite - Now 20% Off

Posted: July 1, 2008
by: T.Alexander

So what makes one item popular for a season and another item popular for another? In the cold months our Parisian menu is top seller / hands down. But in the summer it's Tuscan. I believe that the rich sauces associated with French cuisine suit us better in the colder months. Then when we want to shed those heavy clothes & drop a pound or two, attention turns to Tuscan.....a little lighter fare.

All our Tuscan menus are 20% off! That's the Tuscan 4 course dinner gift, plus Tuscan dinner gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, Thinking Of You and Thank You. Don't miss out! Check out our home page for the promo code. Bon appetit!


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