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Celtic Women at the Fabluous Fox Theater

Posted: March 26, 2009
by: T.Alexander

Isle of Hope is the official name of the Celtic Women 2009 tour and the gourmet girls from GourmetStation, Julie Davenport & Donna Lynes-Miller, were privileged to occupy “pit” seats at their March 24, 2009 performance at the fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta. The day of a the concert a friend who was unaware of Celtic Woman asked “what is their genre?” All I could think of was “Irish gospel.” The concert proved they were much more than this tiny niche.


Celtic Women

The creative and direction behind the group is David Downes, an accomplished artist with background in composition from Trinity College in Dublin. Television, film and most notably his role as orchestrator of Riverdance on Broadway explain why Celtic Women enjoys success and passionate fans.

One of the most moving moments of their performance (and there were many) was a special song dedicated to America performed against a background of images of Irish immigrants pouring into Ellis Island.  Standing ovation was spontaneous as the tour name, Isle of Hope, started to make sense.

The most engaging performer was Mairead, an all-Ireland fiddle player and energetic dancer. Her ability to dance like a fairy in and around the other performers gave the stage a vibrant energy. The audience responded enthusiastically to Orinoco Flow (aka Sail Away) but their most passionate response was clearly to the Irish classics, Danny Boy and You Raise Me Up. Here is a stirring performance of You Raise Me Up from YouTube. For all you Morricone fans, they didn’t omit Nella Fantasia; Chloe delivered this favorite from The Mission with precision and passion.

The 4 singers were delightful and I found it interesting that Lisa was a lead vocalist with Riverdance The Show. Each singer brought her individual style and delivery to the mix. I was almost mesmerized by the performance when it struck me how very young these women are. Their almost-mature voices in solo and in unison produced child-like, innocent sounds. Mix that with Irish classics and what do you have? An evening of Celtic magic.

Next Fox music engagement for these two gourmet girls – El Divo – again at the fabulous Fox Theater, July 1, 2009.


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