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From The Perspective of a Coffee Bean - Happy Bean Coffee

Posted: March 23, 2009
by: T.Alexander

The poets tell us that the mysteries of life may be discovered through a blade of grass or a grain of sand. What about a coffee bean? Why not? The team at Happy Bean Coffee believes that you should know the soul of the coffee bean so they have written about its life as if it had awareness and destiny. The article is masterfully written starting with the beginnings of the bean in the equatorial mountains:

“The coffee bean stirs within and, to the first sounds of birds and the morning rituals of nearby inhabitants, the rain forest awakens around it.”

Coffee Beans

The bean takes on personality with great expectations:

“It will be a gourmet Arabica bean or it will be nothing; it will taste rich and be aromatic or existence will be meaningless. Dreams of lattes, French roast, decaf, espresso and perhaps, flavored hints of hazelnut, chocolate, or vanilla, may fill the time, but ultimate satisfaction is yet a long way off. For now, the gourmet coffee bean is tucked in the caring hands of the plantation farmer and there it will stay, until inevitability pulls it from its cozy mountainside home.”

The process of harvesting, transporting and roasting is romanticized:

“A bath in pure mountain water awakens energy stored within it, and a fresh, new, green coffee bean emerges from the red pod in which it had nestled for so long.  As though it has passed this way a thousand times, the gourmet coffee bean bumps first down the mountain trails and dirt roads of its little corner of the world --joined gradually by others of like origin and destiny. Together they fill baskets, bags, vehicles, and the holds of freighters destined for the worlds four corners, and the coffee roasters there of the highest standards.”

And finally it fulfills it’s purpose – ultimately providing you with a nice experience that you just might take for granted:

“The bean has now given all of itself. Yet what has been given remains delicately within. The essence lingers and is cooled. In its state of grace, the gourmet bean is delicately and proudly packaged by the roastmaster--bag by bag--to be whisked off on a its final journey.”

How cool is this? I never stopped to think about this level of awareness in agricultural products; especially a commodity that we take for granted. Bravo Happy Coffee Bean team!

You might also want to check out their line up of fine coffee including Colombian, Premium Espresso, Organic and Sumatra Mandheling. I was intrigued by the coffee jelly especially the Vanilla Latte and Crème Brulee. Sounds yummy. Great work Happy Bean Coffee.

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