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Spring Skiing…Smooth Jazz …and Park City Living

Posted: March 8, 2009
by: Mark Stine

I try and make my annual ski pilgrimage in the spring...much as I like the snow...I prefer the bright sun and warmer days of spring when the kodachrome (do we still use that term now that everything has gone digital??) blue skies make for great skiing or lounging on a sundeck with a micro beer in hand. Park City and environs, Deer Valley and The Canyons have become the neighborhood of choice for me. A simple shuttle flight from Las Vegas and a fast shuttle van ride can get you to the mountains in minimal time and maximum enjoyment. 

As I plan this year’s trip, I remember back to last year when I had such a great time visiting a ski buddy who lives in Salt Lake City and then staying up at the Jeremy Ranch near Park City.


What made this trip so much fun was an in town cocktail party hosted by a local attorney. A rather eclectic group of individuals attended the party making for great conversation. My ski friend Mark pulled together a rather simple dish, high on cholesterol and taste. I wondered how well it would be received, but once arriving at the party and seeing how quickly the whole thing disappeared, I felt it was worth passing along.

Cheese Crisp Appetizer

1 large glass or ceramic baking dish
2 pounds of Very sharp cheddar
1 large jar of the hottest Jalapeños
Six eggs
2 cups of milk
Mix ingredients, pour into the baking dish and then bake on 350 for 30 minutes or until the liquid is bubbling and the top is turning brown and a crust is forming. Allow to cool for one hour before serving.
Serve with interesting crackers of choice…and sliced apples are nice too!

Once the wine started flowing, the group proved to be congenial and diverse in interests. I found myself seated between a Park City chanteuse relocated from Los Angeles and an Interior designer mom whose adult son competes in the Pizza tossing competition of the world.

Cd Darling, a recent locator to Park City is a songstress. She had supplied her cd to our host and it provided a warm jazz backdrop for conversation. As any good marketer would do (and with a name like CD promoting a cd – well enough said) CD just happened to have a supply on hand for sale.  “Rat Packin’ – with Love CD Darling is the epitome of smooth jazz and perfect for your own social or cocktail get together.  CD has a very long and varied musical background and has toured from Australia to Japan , UK, Mexico and Canada and most major US cities. I scooped one up and downloaded it to my computer so I can relax when working. But I digress…. Hearing her recording stories was a real treat…so if you would like to obtain a copy of her cd check out her website and email her for more information.


Seated to my other side was a mom, who was an interior decorator. As any good mother does, she talked about her son and not herself. Her son competed in a national World Pizza Games Pizza tossing competition and had learned quickly from his mentor, who worked with him at the pizza shop and had taken top honors. The event, which followed my Park City trip, was in March 2008 and he had won in 2007. I just checked and the next event will again be in Las Vegas March 10th   2009.  If Interested, check out this web link http://www.worldpizzachampions.com/games.php

They had both out-competed the Italians, which was amazing as her son at that time had only been pizza tossing for one year. So next time you order a pizza somewhere…have a new found respect for those pizza tossing “preppers” in the back...they might just be in competitive practice on your pizza!

When traveling I have found it is always fun to be open to new experiences…you never know who you might meet at a cocktail party and what new friends you make along the way.

As they “Andiamo”!!

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