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Eat to Live, or Live to Eat?

Posted: September 14, 2009
by: Robert Jackson

Firstly my apologies for having left it so long to post in this column. The reason being that in the past nine months, I have moved home no less than twice! Once into a rented property while I looked for a suitable home to buy, and eventually the move into same once the deal was done. But now I am very happy to say that it is complete, and once again I can spend some time focussing on my passion…..food and hospitality!
My move has taken me from the south coast of England back to my original home town and preferred base - to the quintessential Regency town of Royal Leamington Spa located in the delightful rural county of Warwickshire, middle England.
And so I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a splendid, typically English summer which alas as the nights begin to draw in, is on the wane. These last few months I have enjoyed many a relaxed barbecue with friends and family in the garden and the occasional picnic in many an idyllic location. The weather may not have been balmy, but it has been a fairly typical English summer – beautiful warm sunny days interspersed with periods of rain and drizzle.
But one doesn’t choose to live in England for the weather! We choose to live here for so many other reasons. Like the undeniably beautiful countryside. Here in Warwickshire for example we are fortunate to enjoy elegant spa towns, chocolate-box Cotswold villages and exciting vibrant cities – all surrounded by farmland supplying the most wondrous fresh produce!
Yes, the produce – so natural, bountiful, local and fresh. In fact only this last weekend we had a farmer’s market in town. There I purchased the most divine, sweet and tender leg of lamb, freshly plucked vegetables and fruits, freshly laid eggs and hand-made condiments. Boy does that beat your average supermarket!
So yes, I am beginning to realise that I am indeed one of those folk who deftly falls into the camp of “living to eat”. Unlike another little friend who has recently come into my life……..I am now the proud owner of a Jack Russell Terrier! The last time I owned a dog I was in my teens, so it’s been quite a learning curve and I am enjoying every moment!
But just as I am a hardened “live to eat” individual, he is most certainly (like all pets)“an eat to live” character. He shows little concern for what I feed him, only that it is regular, and sufficiently plentiful! And like most pets, his attitude to dining etiquette is to say the least, VERY relaxed! Mmmmm……..I feel a new page coming on for my website – “Doggy Etiquette”!! One day perhaps!
And so for now, all that remains is for me to wish you many happy days of entertaining this coming fall. I for one intend to make the very most of them…….after all, it will soon be Christmas!!
Oh by the way, this is my little terrier….Jack:

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Just explored the link you left for Leamington Spa, outstanding city, and good for you that already founded your dreamed home !

Posted by: Hotel Villa Caletas at Sep 17, 2009 1:09:38 PM