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Welcome to delicious Destinations, a GourmetStation blog. Through the charater of T.Alexander and occasional real-life guests, our aim is to share with you light-hearted fun ideas about food, gift giving, entertaining and culture. At the same time we would love you hear from you. Please share your experiences from home or abroad.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Delivered – Free Shipping

Posted: October 29, 2009
by: T.Alexander

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a small country where families usually don’t move thousands of miles away. They remain near their birthplace for a lifetime and closeness extends well beyond proximity. Well, that’s not the case in the US. Families are spread from one end of this continent to the other and the airlines enjoy peak capacity at holiday time. But sometimes it’s not always possible to get everyone together – especially folks that are aging and may not travel well.

That’s where we come in. If you can’t be together on Thanksgiving day, send the turkey to them! We have settled on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner gift (even changing our pumpkin cheesecake to pumpkin pie).

The turkey breast is smoked and guarantees left overs. For starters, we’re including one of our most elegant soups – creamy mushroom with a hint of sherry wine….goes perfect with the baguettes. The dressing is southern style – firm and moist. And we even include cranberry relish. All this is delivered in complimentary gift packaging. Did we mention Free Shipping? That’s a savings of $19.99.

We have limited supplies for our Thanksgiving Dinner Delivered – so get your reservation in soon.


New Pasta Entrees – Flavors Of Fall

Posted: October 22, 2009
by: T.Alexander

In a traditional sense pasta is usually heavily sauced and the elegance of the dish is covered up – both from a visual and taste standpoint. Our new ravioli dishes are a cut above the crowd. The fresh pasta and fillings are so elegant, they stand alone with just a touch of olive oil and cracked black pepper. We place 6 of these morsels (3 of two different varieties) on a bed of garden veggies including organic garlic. Then we drizzle the pasta with olive oil and seal both pasta and veggies tightly in heavy foil. When the dish cooks at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, a little steam is produced making the pasta very tender. The end result is a pasta dish where flavors are dominated by the ravioli filling – not a heavy sauce. Lighter, fresher, healthier eating. Enjoy!

Smoked Mozzarella/Asparagus Ravioli & Porcini Mushroom Ravioli - Three each of two ravioli made with fresh pasta, drizzled in olive oil then topped with cracked pepper.

Mushroom Pasta

Butternut Squash Ravioli & Eggplant Parmesan Ravioli - Three each of two ravioli made with fresh pasta, drizzled in olive oil then topped with cracked pepper.

Butternut Squash Pasta

Both are served on a bed of garden veggies with organic whole garlic.

The holidays are fast approaching, so don't forget GourmetStation for Thanksgiving dinner delivered, food gift cards, food of the month clubs, dinner of the month and meals delivered.

Food of the Month Clubs by GourmetStation

Posted: October 7, 2009
by: T.Alexander

In about a month, 40% to 50% of early bird shoppers will have their holiday shopping behind them. Amazing, as they say, “where did the year go.” As I get older, the “early bird” approach is more appealing. Last minute stress is for the birds.

So why not get it done early, conveniently and give a unique beautiful gift that will give all year long? That’s what our Food of the Month Clubs are all about. Certificates are provided with each club, and these certificates never expire. Because recipients travel and have busy schedules, they may choose their convenient delivery date. They may also select from 5 international menus, Parisian, Tuscan, Cajun, Fusion or Americana. Within each menu there are many choices.

Our most popular Food of the Month Club is Dinner of the Month followed a close second by our Soup of the Month. Sweet lovers enjoy the Dessert of the Month while surf and turf connoisseurs enjoy the Steak Dinner of the Month or Seafood Dinner of the Month.

All programs are offered in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Shop today for GourmetStation food gifts and make everyone happy!

Food of the Month Clubs