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Autumn And The Fig Harvest At Casa Bellavista

Posted: January 24, 2010
by: T.Alexander

Autunno un tempo e appassionante e fantastico  in Toscano!  (Fall is an exciting and fantastic time in Tuscany.)  The rolling fields of grains in the val di chiana and the val d’ orcia have been harvested.  The fields of sun flowers that all summer long lifted their faces to the warm Tuscan sun have also been harvested.  The vineyard owners are preparing for vendemmi.  The months of hard work by the farmers and vineyard operators is now rewarding them with bountiful harvests.

The windows of la Camera Verde at Casa Bellavista overlook Simonetta’s and Guido’s garden which includes olive trees, fig trees and apricot trees. Settembre è il tempo per raccogliere i fichi a Cassabellavista.  (September is the time to harvest the figs at Casa Bellavista.)  We could see a basket of freshly picked figs on the marble topped table in Simonetta’s kitchen.  Simonetta had been out early in the garden, enjoying the morning Tuscan sun while carefully selecting only the perfectly ripe figs from each tree.

As we enjoyed the bounty of the breakfast table, we appreciated the crop of last year’s figs, spreading a tasty fig preserve Simonetta had made on warm pieces of bread.  Over breakfast, Simonetta explained that it was important to pick only the fruit that was “ripe on the tree’.  If it was passed ripe, the canning process would make the figs to soft and the texture would not be as good for the torta.


She harvested her figs over many different days, assuring that the fruit was just right.
While Simonetta was busy in her kitchen making tortas and canning figs,


Edie and I headed out for a relaxing tour of the Tuscan countryside.  What town(s) would we visit today…Pienza…Bagno Vignoni…Montepulciano…or might we dip down into Umbia and visit Panicale?  Whatever town(s) it would be, we knew that when we returned to Casa Bellavista, the house would be filled with the aromatic scent of fresh Torta di Fichi.


Perhaps there would be a piece or two to be sampled. In the event you would like to try your hand at making Torta di Fichi, we are happy to share the recipe with you. 

Boun Appetito!
Dave. Edie and Simonetta


Canning figs is very easy...


• 1 kg. of figs (very ripe - molto maturi)
• 200 gr. sugar
• 200 gr. brown sugar
• 1 lemon
• ½ glass of rum



Lavare I fichi e metterli in una padella larga aggiungere I due tipi di zucchero e il limone tagliato fine, un bicchiere di acqua e cuocere per almeno 1 ora e mezza cercando di toccarli il meno possibile.

Quando sono pronti aggiungere il rum e spegnere il fuoco.
Metterli nei vasetti (jar) subito e tapparli e rigirarli fino a che non sono freddi.

Wash the figs and put them in a wide pan.  Add both of the sugars to the pan, a finely chopped lemon and add a glass of water.  Cook at least one hour and a half, touching them as little as possible.
When they are ready, add the rum and turn off the stove. Put them in jars and close them immediately.  Turn them over until they are cool.
Località  Creti – 52044 Cortona (Arezzo) – Italy   -   Tel 0039 0575 610311  fax 0039 0575 610749
info@ casabellavista.it – www.casabellavista.it




• 150 gr. Farina bianca 00
• 120 gr. Nocciole tritate
• 150 gr. Burro  
• 3 Uova
• 120 Zucchero
• 1 Bustina di vanillina
• 10 Fichi
• 50 gr  Zucchero di canna
• 1 Cucchiaino di lievito


Accendere il forno a 180°

Lavorare il burro con lo zucchero, aggiungere la farina e metà delle nocciole, aggiungere le uova ed un pizzico di sale e la vanillina e per ultimo il lievito, lavorare molto bene l’impasto.

Mettere l’impasto nella tortiera e metterci sopra i fichi aperti a metà e le nocciole rimaste, per ultimo mettere lo zucchero di canna.

Cuocere per circa 40/50 minuti .

Servire con una salsa al caramello.

Località  Creti – 52044 Cortona (Arezzo) – Italy   -   Tel 0039 0575 610311  fax 0039 0575 610749
info@ casabellavista.it – www.casabellavista.it




• 150 gr. White flower 00
• 120 gr. Minced hazelnut 
• 150 gr. Butter
• 3 Eggs
• 120 Sugar
• 1 Envelope vanilla extract
• 10 Figs
• 50 gr  Cane sugar
• 1 Teaspoon of yeast 


Preheat oven to 355 degrees

Work the butter together with the sugar, add the flour and half of the minced hazelnut. Add the eggs and a pinch of salt, the vanilla and finally the yeast.  Work together well until you have a nice mixture.  

Put the mixture in a cake pan and put the sliced figs on top with the remaining hazelnuts.   Then finally, sprinkle the cane sugar on top. 

Cook for about 40 to 50 minutes. 

Serve with a caramel sauce.

Località  Creti – 52044 Cortona (Arezzo) – Italy   -   Tel 0039 0575 610311  fax 0039 0575 610749
info@ casabellavista.it – www.casabellavista.it


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