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Welcome to delicious Destinations, a GourmetStation blog. Through the charater of T.Alexander and occasional real-life guests, our aim is to share with you light-hearted fun ideas about food, gift giving, entertaining and culture. At the same time we would love you hear from you. Please share your experiences from home or abroad.

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I had a Taste of Legend – Rémy Martin’s Le Jeroboam

Posted: June 22, 2011
by: Mark Stine

I had a Taste of Legend 

It has been a fun experience participating in the Global launch of Rémy Martin’s new Le Jeroboam through GourmetStations’s Delicious Destinations blog.

As mentioned in the recent series about the roll out, Remy Martin reached out to T. Alexander (aka Donna from Gourmetstation) about being one of 50 selected global luxury blogs to participate in the novel approach for the new product launch. Teaser stories set the intrigue…follow- up articles on the brand Remy Martin informed just a little bit more…and finally the illustrious reveal of the new Le Jeroboam.

 Remy Ensemble

So, after a long work day yesterday...in a pleasant moment of private contemplation with a feeling of personal indulgence I was finally able to sit back and savor the intoxicating aromas that emanated from the glass of Remy Martin’s Louis XIII Le Jeroboam.. ..my first taste of the Champagne of Cognacs.

The flavors hit the tongue with intensity…I savored the hints of fruit with a slight floral effect. It was equally accented with intense spices and a bit of a honey finish. So indulge yourself.  I had a “Taste of Legend” and so should you….

Extraordinary Cognac that has been served to celebrate great moments in times gone by, and will continue to celebrate in times to come.

Recommended sales price: 16 000 euros incl. taxes

More information:  www.Louis-XIII.com  

 Remy Insignia


PS: A special treat & rxclusive advance viewing courtesy of Delicious Destinations - here are links for the Louis XIII Le Jeroboam videos. They are absolutely exclusive to GourmetStation.com & other selected & privileged luxury blogs. Remy Martin will reveal them on the evening of June 22, 2011.

Teaser 30’’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ljbGFk8_iE

Film full version 6’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKwB_ajJKNw

The Pinnacle of Craftsmanship ….Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII – Le Jeroboam

Posted: June 21, 2011
by: Mark Stine

Rémy Martin launches its global reveal of a very exclusive and magnificent crystal decanter containing 3 liters of Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac.

 Le Jeroboam Bottle-glasses


This exquisite decanter is handcrafted by the Manufacture de Sèvres and as with all exclusive products, only 100 decanters will be produced the first year.

A” tres’magnifque” decanter, its unique creation pays tribute to the greatest moments of the twentieth century.  LOUIS XIII LE JEROBOAM, by , Rémy Martin is born on a scale as great as the reputation that LOUIS XIII has forged for itself since its creation in 1874.

This Masterpiece of the LOUIS XIII collection, LE JEROBOAM is only released in extremely limited quantities each year. Reserved to a very few privileged aficionados around the globe, its rarity and distinction will be known only as a cognac of legend to most….

But…For those lucky few, LE JEROBOAM is four times the capacity of the regular LOUIS XIII. Each decanter is individually fashioned by a team of nine crystal craftsmen working in unison, among the most qualified – at Cristallerie de Sèvres.

Five kilos of crystal in fusion are gathered, blown and shaped. The complexity in the making allows no compromise. The neck of the decanter is finally dressed in 24-carat gold. Each decanter is then individually numbered and certified.

Assuring and attesting to the “Grande Champagne Cognac” within and to the exquisite and historical crystal decanter, these fine crystal decanters and its precious contents are desired by collectors around the world.

If you are privileged enough to obtain one of the crystals decanters, then the masterpiece should be approached with a reverence and care. Crystal glasses, designed by creator Christophe Pillet is the preferred “methode” for enjoying your LE JEROBOAM.


Multitudes of aromas, emanate, resulting in a dense harmony of flowers, fruits and spices. Jasmine mingles with passion fruit, in a blended flirtation with ginger and nutmeg. Roses and violets entertain fig and prune that in turn perform melodiously with sandalwood and honey.

LOUIS XIII LE JEROBOAM magically renders a voluptuous taste of perfection to be “savoured unashamedly” in a state of supreme pleasure and luxury of senses. You can participate in a Taste of Legend …join with the few, to experience the rarified Global release. 

 Bottle and Trunk


Please take a moment and visit the Taste of Legend web site. See how the Global release of Rémy Martin is received around the world….and read what I think of this exceptional Cognac when I post my next blog!


A votre santé…..

GourmetStation.com and Delicious Destinations’ blog is proud to present the Big Reveal Rémy Martin premieres………. Louis XIII – the King of Cognacs!!

Posted: June 15, 2011
by: Mark Stine

Today in Paris, at the Trocadero, Rémy Martin unveiled to the world its new Cognac-Louis XIII. The Festivities and reveal was part of an innovative concept to premier Louis XIII through a select list of global bloggers, as part of a teaser campaign, and culminating in a virtual “Taste of Legend,” whereby the launch is tasted around the world

The Louis XIII cognac is featured in a delightful and extremely elegant decanter and we are pleased to be able to present it to you here on Delicious Destinations.

Elegance and styling befitting a world class Cognac fit for Kings….

Four generations of Cellar Masters, are the heritage behind, Louis XIII, a unique blend of 1,200 eauxde-vie, all from Grande Champagne, and aged in tierçons, century-old casks made

4583 Tierçons 
from aromatic Limousin oak. The name derives from the King of France, during whose reign the Rémy Martin family settled in the Cognac region and began their historic and memorable path to producing the worlds most elegant and complex Cognac.

The iconic Rémy Martin decanter is based on an ancient flask replica. The design is modeled after a metal flask that was found on the battlefield of Jarnac, yet another Raison d'être (reason for its existence) and more reasons to truly believe that Louis XIII is the King of Cognacs.

Taste of Legend…on your private jet or yacht.  Louis XIII – The King of Cognacs for elegant personal celebrations…or quite simply to celebrate private moments of contemplation.

Illuminate life at sunset ….Louis XIII

Learn more about the historic Remy Martin brand: http://www.louis-xiii.com/en

Or take a visual tour of Remy Martin and truly understand the heart of the Cognac.  Have a “Taste of Legend” and view life through a whole new lens…..

4587 Window colour 

“The Taste of Legend” …one day to go

Posted: June 14, 2011
by: Mark Stine

The “Taste of Legend” event draws closer…the reveal only a day away. 

The date will be June 15th  for the reveal...but as part of the global team of blog readers…you have advance notice that the event will take place at Le Trocadero, Paris, France!  Incredible view gardens and a stunning setting make this a royal place to launch the event.

Le Torcadero

The world tour of this product, from renowned Remy Martin , will be revealed to much global fanfare ..but everyone wonders what “The Reveal”…will reveal!

Remy Martin has a history of four generations of Cellar Masters ….so do some research and see if you can guess what it might be…who might be involved and what it might be named.  Learn more about the Remy Martin bramd. 

This particular website has a wealth of history and helps you understand the tradition and history of the Remy Martin cognac brand. As you click through and learn more about the terrior and the grapes used ….the rotating picture spread conveys the beauty of the Cognac region of France.  Read up and prepare yourself for a Taste of Legend and look for the big reveal on June 15th.


 Country fit for a King…..

GourmetStation is pleased to be able to participate in this global event and bring you along on this gourmet travel experience….


An Evening at Osteria Del Matto

Posted: June 14, 2011
by: Dave, Edie & Simonetta

As our plane began its descent into Fiumicino Airport, the sun cast its early glow on another beautiful Tuscan morning.  Our excitement built.  Once again we were returning to a land that is rich with “food for the eyes and dreams for the heart”.   After the usual tour through customs and the trip through baggage claim, we picked up our car and were soon driving through the countryside we had just viewed from our plane.

When traveling from the airport to Tuscany or Umbria, our preference is to travel the country roads instead of the Autostrada del Sole.  As we traveled through the countryside, the olive groves and the vineyards welcomed us.  The occasional aqueduct


standing tall in the farmers' fields reminded us of the historical significance of this great land.
We had decided to expand our holiday this year to include some time in Umbria, known to many as “the Green Heart of Italy” before we headed to Casa Bellavista to visit our friends, Simonetta and Guido and their family.  And so, the following story is about a unique and extraordinary culinary experience we had in the Umbrian village of Spoleto.

There were several items on our “list of things to see” including the Roman amphitheater, the Duomo and its piazza, the Casa Romana, the Rocca Albomoziana, the Ponte delle Torri,


the market and of course, a passeggiatta through the narrow streets of this magnificent medieval hill town.  We were also looking forward to enjoying dinner at the Osteria del Matto, an osteria we had read about in one of our travel books.

Our first afternoon in Spoleto, we headed to the Osteria del Matto to make our dinner reservations.  As we walked through the narrow streets, we visited  the market and the


local macelleria (butcher shop).  The Osteria del Matto is just a stone's throw from the market.  Upon entering the osteria, we were greeted by a lady coming from the kitchen.  We asked if we could make reservations for later that evening.  Her response was a simple, but friendly “No”.  She went on to explain that they were booked for the evening, but if we wanted to, we could reserve a place for the next night.  We did.  Then, we asked if we could see a menu.  We were anxious to see what culinary delights we might have as we had read so much about the osteria.  Again in a friendly tone, she replied “No”.  I asked “Perché no”?  Once again, her reply was simple...”I go to the market each morning and see what is fresh and good.  Then I buy it, bring it back to my kitchen and begin to prepare it for dinner.  So, your dinner will be a nice surprise.”  The menu would be a fixed menu at the whim of the cook.   

As we walked along the streets on our way back to the hotel, the anticipation of a surprise dinner was building.  We could hardly wait for the next evening...and a delightful surprise it was! 

The Osteria del Matto has what can best be described as an eclectic décor, featuring the creative use of Pinocchios, watering cans with candles, artwork, books, Christmas lights, wine bottles, etc.  It is a riot of textures and colors.  And in the midst of it all we were welcomed by Filippo, the owner, who has the ability to make everyone feel at home.  One of the uniquely special events at Osteria del Matto is the exchange of conversation between tables in an atmosphere of true family dining. 

Our dinner began when Filippo offered us a choice of wines.  We selected the house red.  Shortly, Filippo began bringing food to our table, a series of incredible offerings, some quite unusual and all delectable.  Our Antipasti included zucchini stuffed with crisp bread crumbs and herbs, arancino, funghi (large) which had been cut in half and dressed with oil, salt, parsley, fried ricotta, and bruschetti with tomatoes and also with arugula, feta and radicchio (ciccoria).  

Following the Antipasti and after a refill of the house red, we began the rest of our “surprise dinner” which included a marvelous selection of dishes.  First, we were served spelt with onion and sausages.  Following this, Filippo brought us spezzatini, a stew-like dish of small pieces of prosciutto in a homemade sauce whose taste was out of this world.  We enjoyed conversations with other guests and more wine was poured.  As the evening progressed, we realized we were dining with new friends, enjoying a myriad of flavors and textures of traditional Umbrian home-style cooking. 

After a short break and more conversation with the guests, Filippo served us an insalata of warm cicoria greens with oil and vinegar, and servings of fried melanzana and strangozzi di pomodori.  For dolci we enjoyed a delicious dish of blackberries with lemon, sugar and creola (a spiced liqueur).

After a relaxed and wonderful evening of visiting, eating and enjoying the “fruit of the vine”, it was time to head back to the hotel.  There had been a short shower while we were dining and the cobblestone streets reflected the street lights, while the glow from the windows of the medieval buildings created a warmth to the fresh, evening air. 
Our dinner at Osteria del Matto was beyond imagination...a truly enjoyable evening.   

Edie and Dave


“Taste of Legend” – Want to know More??

Posted: June 11, 2011
by: Mark Stine

Well so do I…..but as a resident of Las Vegas…”What Happens in Vegas....Stays in Vegas” …as the infamous ad campaign goes…and until the 15th of June….well….I have to keep things under wraps…in Vegas!

BUT you are a select group of blog followers around the world who will be reading what this legendary “taste” could be…as it is slowly revealed….by a world connection….50 plus global “bloggers” waiting to reveal a “Taste of Legend.”



And by that I mean “What the Taste of Legend can mean to you …how it can change your perspective…how it can…. dare we say… influence your life with pleasure.”


Some clues may reveal themselves…..take a look at the photos…does it bring anything to mind??  What lies beneath….

Film Noir casks 

Is film Noir involved…I wonder?

Even now I am waiting on a package “par avion” …


....to begin the journey…will you come along as we circle the world…and the taste is revealed?

 Time is its friend ….it ages, as we all do…but in this case, it just gets better…do you??

Row of casks 

It was first created in 1874…and in 1883 several cases were “Shanghaied” to the Far East for the first time. For more than a century it has been synonymous with brilliance and perfection in all four corners of the world….

But I have said enough for now. Please check back as we look closer at “Taste of Legend”…and see where it leads us all.

Father's Day Steak Dinner Gifts

Posted: June 10, 2011
by: T.Alexander

For the Dad who has everything....been everywhere...done everything. What to do for Father's Day? Consider a food experience. Sometimes there is simply nothing more satisfying that a good meal. GourmetStation has been providing Moms and Dads with outstanding food gifts since 2000. This year we are offering 50% off shipping for our Steak Dinner Gifts Delivered which happen to be Certified Angus Beef ®.

What makes Certified Angus Beef ® a cut above the crowd. In May 2011 Meating Place, top industry publication for the meat industry, interviewed John Stika, president of Certified Angus Beef LLC. "Founded in 1978 by the American Angus Association - a group of cattle producers who wanted to increase demand for beef by showcasing the best of their breed - the Certified Angus Beef ® brand only adorns product that meets 10 stringent standards evaluated by USDA to ensure a consistent quality. The brand has been integral in creating in consumers' minds an association between Angus and high-quality beef."

GourmetStation's 3 course steak dinner for two includes garlic bread, 2 Certified Angus Beef ® Steaks (they may choose from 6 cuts), handmade appetizers, roasted baby potatoes with rosemary, gourmet parfaits and a packet for coffee for after dinner conversation. $89.99 - check out the site for the shipping discount code. Happy Father's Day to the Dads around the world!

Father's Day Steak Dinner Gift