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“Taste of Legend” – Want to know More??

Posted: June 11, 2011
by: Mark Stine

Well so do I…..but as a resident of Las Vegas…”What Happens in Vegas....Stays in Vegas” …as the infamous ad campaign goes…and until the 15th of June….well….I have to keep things under wraps…in Vegas!

BUT you are a select group of blog followers around the world who will be reading what this legendary “taste” could be…as it is slowly revealed….by a world connection….50 plus global “bloggers” waiting to reveal a “Taste of Legend.”



And by that I mean “What the Taste of Legend can mean to you …how it can change your perspective…how it can…. dare we say… influence your life with pleasure.”


Some clues may reveal themselves…..take a look at the photos…does it bring anything to mind??  What lies beneath….

Film Noir casks 

Is film Noir involved…I wonder?

Even now I am waiting on a package “par avion” …


....to begin the journey…will you come along as we circle the world…and the taste is revealed?

 Time is its friend ….it ages, as we all do…but in this case, it just gets better…do you??

Row of casks 

It was first created in 1874…and in 1883 several cases were “Shanghaied” to the Far East for the first time. For more than a century it has been synonymous with brilliance and perfection in all four corners of the world….

But I have said enough for now. Please check back as we look closer at “Taste of Legend”…and see where it leads us all.


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