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The Pinnacle of Craftsmanship ….Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII – Le Jeroboam

Posted: June 21, 2011
by: Mark Stine

Rémy Martin launches its global reveal of a very exclusive and magnificent crystal decanter containing 3 liters of Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac.

 Le Jeroboam Bottle-glasses


This exquisite decanter is handcrafted by the Manufacture de Sèvres and as with all exclusive products, only 100 decanters will be produced the first year.

A” tres’magnifque” decanter, its unique creation pays tribute to the greatest moments of the twentieth century.  LOUIS XIII LE JEROBOAM, by , Rémy Martin is born on a scale as great as the reputation that LOUIS XIII has forged for itself since its creation in 1874.

This Masterpiece of the LOUIS XIII collection, LE JEROBOAM is only released in extremely limited quantities each year. Reserved to a very few privileged aficionados around the globe, its rarity and distinction will be known only as a cognac of legend to most….

But…For those lucky few, LE JEROBOAM is four times the capacity of the regular LOUIS XIII. Each decanter is individually fashioned by a team of nine crystal craftsmen working in unison, among the most qualified – at Cristallerie de Sèvres.

Five kilos of crystal in fusion are gathered, blown and shaped. The complexity in the making allows no compromise. The neck of the decanter is finally dressed in 24-carat gold. Each decanter is then individually numbered and certified.

Assuring and attesting to the “Grande Champagne Cognac” within and to the exquisite and historical crystal decanter, these fine crystal decanters and its precious contents are desired by collectors around the world.

If you are privileged enough to obtain one of the crystals decanters, then the masterpiece should be approached with a reverence and care. Crystal glasses, designed by creator Christophe Pillet is the preferred “methode” for enjoying your LE JEROBOAM.


Multitudes of aromas, emanate, resulting in a dense harmony of flowers, fruits and spices. Jasmine mingles with passion fruit, in a blended flirtation with ginger and nutmeg. Roses and violets entertain fig and prune that in turn perform melodiously with sandalwood and honey.

LOUIS XIII LE JEROBOAM magically renders a voluptuous taste of perfection to be “savoured unashamedly” in a state of supreme pleasure and luxury of senses. You can participate in a Taste of Legend …join with the few, to experience the rarified Global release. 

 Bottle and Trunk


Please take a moment and visit the Taste of Legend web site. See how the Global release of Rémy Martin is received around the world….and read what I think of this exceptional Cognac when I post my next blog!


A votre santé…..


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