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Taos…. Scenery…mysticism…Southwest flavors

Posted: August 26, 2011
by: Mark Stine

Taos, New Mexico is a wonderful sensory spot in the summer. Storms can pop up over the mountains and drench the valley and plateau with the fresh scent of rain and grass…lighting can arch across the horizon and then within hours…blue skies can return.

Anytime I can find my way back to Taos…it brings a sense of peace and enjoyment. Ancient in origins when compared to most US cities…Taos has retained its connection to the old Pueblo and to its ancient history.

Family lines run long and true. and water for irrigation is metered out in old “ditches” that the ditch masters control. I have even heard rumors of feuds erupting and ditch masters cutting off the flow...such is the state of water wars in the West.

After a recent trip to Taos, where I finally was able to drive up to the Taos Ski resort…one of those summer storms sent me scurrying back down the mountain.  Even in summer, the altitude can make the cold rain feel like sleet after the warmth of the high altitude desert land below.

Passing down in elevation on the way back to Taos Pueblo…one comes across the tiny crossroads of “downtown” Arroyo Seco. A collection of old buildings, now renovated into chic boutiques, restaurants, shops and art galleries, you can’t but help to stop and check it out.

 Sol Food

A scenic stopover in Arroyo Seco

One spot that cried out  to us was Taos Cow Ice Cream Co.  A wonderful Café & Deli which features all natural and rBGH Free ice cream.  Located in between Taos and Taos ski area it’s but a short drive between the two locations.  I can’t say enough superlatives about the ice cream flavors available and the creamy effectas it melts on your tongue. Let’s just say it was a “moo” – ving experience!

 Logo-Taos Cow (2)

Taos Cow can be found  online at http://www.taoscow.com/ or locally in the physical world at Taos Cow Ice Cream Scoop Shop, Cafe and Deli  •  485 Hwy 150, Arroyo Seco, NM 87514  •  (575) 776-5640  •  eat@taoscow.com

Not wanting to completely ruin our appetites before dinner, we hoofed it around the small intersection and managed to hit every little store, gallery and shop…while scooping up menus from restaurants we might want to come back to.


The Mercantile store- worth a browse or two

But the threat of yet another thunderstorm drove us back into town…make sure you check out the Taos Pueblo square when you visit. But for us,shopping was not on the agenda…


Taos Plaza…steeped in history

Margaritas were in order …check out the bar scene in a local hotel on the main road into town…they have the coveted best Margaritas in town title!

 Landmark 1936

As their website notes, “Fondly called 'the living room of Taos' by locals and visitors alike, The Adobe Bar is the place to mingle. With local color and atmosphere drawn from the tri-cultural, historic, and artistic traditions of this unique community, The Adobe Bar provides our patrons with live musical entertainment every night of the week Since 1936, The Historic Taos Inn has welcomed famous folks like Greta Garbo, D. H. Lawrence, and Pawnee Bill. More recently, celebrities like Robert Redford and Jessica Lange have been spotted sipping margaritas in the lobby.”

Feeling right at home

With a couple of Margaritas under our belts…we made our way across the street where we had dinner reservations at “Graham’s Grille by Lesley B Fay”

One of the finest restaurants in town, Graham’s came highly recommended by my dining companion Colleen.   http://grahamstaos.com/about-restaurant

Service was impeccable and our server was a family member of the owners and gave us background on the restaurant and its rather extensive wine offerings.


Stylish Menus and an alfresco option

Graham’s should definitely be at the top of your list. Reasonably priced and with full service breakfast- lunch and dinner, in its short history it has already become an institution in Taos…

At the end of the summer’s day…another storm blew into town, scenting the scene with sage brush and ionized air…good for the heart and soul…..Taos …


a perfect place in time


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