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Atlanta - 36 Hours

Posted: January 23, 2012
by: Mark Stine

A recent but brief 36 hour trip to Atlanta allowed me to tour my daughter’s college campus, Kennesaw State University, catching up on how her studies were going and to lay the groundwork for her last year, which entails a 6 week summer session in Montepulciano, Italy. I of course will be visiting her…another opportunity for travel /food blogs! Finally getting the chance to see where she has been spending her time on her studies was a fun experience and it was pleasantly mild early December day in the greater Atlanta area.

Lauren at Kennesaw University

An added bonus to the Atlanta trip was joint schedules coincided with long term friends Byron and Cheryl being in town and finally connecting in person for the first time in almost 4 years.
There was also another reason to celebrate at our dinner that night….Facebook.com had been abuzz for weeks with Byron’s exploits of making a “hole-in-one” on a recent golf outing. Some of the more humorous postings included:
I had a doctor's appointment this morning and when I checked in at the front desk, the receptionist asked me if there were any changes since my last visit. I pondered the question for a moment and then responded, "Why yes, there has been. I recently made my first hole-in-one!"
Byron's Hole in One

The famous shot at rest!

Yeserday I got an email from a wealthy man in Nigeria.wanting me to help him move his fortune out of the country and offered a big payment for my part in the plan. I replied and asked him how he got my name, and he said he heard about my hole-in-one!
For those of you who are not major golfers, suffice it to say this is one of the Holy Grails of golfing…and always a reason to celebrate. One thing I learned is that the lucky golfer who makes his or her “hole in one” has the privilege of paying for drinks for everyone in the club house bar. Byron’s good fortune continued…there were very few people in the bar!
Byron and Cheryl

Cheryl and Byron

Dining with the Galways is always a pleasure. Dinner that night was Moroccan Beef…wonderfully seasoned with great sides. Now just a little history…both Byron and Cheryl are major gourmands…even back in the early 80s (or was it the late 70’s??) Cheryl would pull a recipe out of the latest Southern Living magazine each month and whip up excellent dinners or desserts. I always looked forward to a new Southern Living magazine coming out!

Over the years Cheryl has amassed quite the collection of family (I think there are even some in there from Cheryl’s “Big Momma”) and personally acquired recipes from friends and other sources. With the computer age…and online websites like http://www.epicurean.com/ , keeping a recipe book or collection has become superfluous as chefs and amateur chefs alike digitize their collection.
Cheryl, who I might note works for Whole Foods in a marketing capacity, was concerned that her collection and recipe folder might ultimately fade from existence. So while scanning some of her cherished recipes, she happened on the idea of using the recipes and the recipe holder artwork as a “super graphic” art backdrop at selected Whole Foods.


First you scan….


Then…. a perfect back-drop for Southern Dining
Great ideas that can be implemented in your on home or kitchen…and if you stop in an Atlanta Whole Foods that features these recipe inspired back-drops ,,,now you know where they came from.
But back to our dinner…it was exceptionally tasty …with a great wine selection … and food inspired conversation.


Byron’s dinner Inspiration – Moroccan Beef

The Galways even had a custom spice cabinet built into their kitchen…a good investment for a couple that loves to cook.


The “deluxe” spice cabinet and yours truly

It was a memorable evening that brought “family” back together again and as we enter the early part of 2012 , I hope that you have an enjoyable year filled with family and friends and good dining. I was very pleased to have the chance to be with my daughter and Byron and Cheryl as the year came to a close. However, 2012 gives each of us the opportunity to create new adventures…try new recipes and dining spots and explore the world ! Happy New Year!!





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