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Welcome to delicious Destinations, a GourmetStation blog. Through the charater of T.Alexander and occasional real-life guests, our aim is to share with you light-hearted fun ideas about food, gift giving, entertaining and culture. At the same time we would love you hear from you. Please share your experiences from home or abroad.

Romance & Anniversary Dinners Delivered

Posted: July 14, 2007
by: T.Alexander

It’s July and hot in the south. Some might say, “not very romantic.” Gone are the red roses from Valentines Day and here we are in the dog days of summer. So how do we put a little zip into these days – a little romance and intrigue, so to speak.

I have an idea…..of course, it relates to food. Maybe you’ve having an anniversary this month and you’re thinking about anniversary dinner ideas. Or maybe you just want to show love and appreciation for no reason at all. Try planning a small intimate dinner party for two for your significant other. Make it a surprise if you wish and pull out all the bells and whistles. If it’s not too warm outside, consider dining out doors. If you can find flowers growing naturally in your yard or area, consider these flowers instead of pricey arrangements from the florist. Don’t forget a nice wine – if you need help in this category, check out wine consultant Susan Anderson’s suggestions.

Now for the menu. Let GourmetStation do the work for you with their gourmet dinner delivery. All you need to do is heat & serve and the cuisine is extraordinary. For a romantic occasion or an anniversary dinner idea, I recommend the Parisian anniversary dinner delivered – or the Tuscan Romance meal delivered. I recommend lamb shank and salmon en Croute from the Parisian menu and chicken Saltimboca and baked salmon with sundried tomato alfredo sauce from the Tuscan menu.  Priced at $110 for two including shipping, you won’t be able to shop, chop and serve cuisine of this quality and beat the price. Both menus are delightful and give you the time off to relax and get on with the romance of your evening. Good luck.

For a food gift they will long remember, bookmark GourmetStation.


A Unique Anniversary Dinner Gift - Parisian Style

Posted: April 17, 2006
by: T.Alexander

Many thanks to guest writer Mark Stine for his perspective on French cuisine and how you can bring a piece of Paris to your significant other for that perfect anniversary dinner gift.

My first vision of Paris was through the eyes of a 15-year-old leaving North America for the first time. Sure I had been to Quebec City with its famous Chateau Frontenac and Montreal for the World’s fair….But the level of sophistication for travel was not the same as today…no internet…no GourmetStation to be a culinary guide before embarking on such a journey…just the adventure of going someplace exotic…as only one who is young and impressionable can experience.

The journey started with a trek through Germany and Belgium and then on to London where a ferry ride from Dover connected me to an aged train coach that took me into Paris. ..the place that inspired GourmetStation’s Parisian menu line.  Had I known then what I know now, I could have enjoyed the culinary experience even more.

Paris was magical in April…young people thrown together…a light mist of rain drifting down from the sky added a glowing framework for the City of Lights.  It was romantic even for 15 and 16 year olds. It created an instilled memory of ultimate romance as girls and boys walked hand in hand down the Champs Elysee.  Ah, young love…to be equally savored.Champs

But the food…  tres’ magnifique! My first exposure to French cuisine was the pastry, which inspired the dessert lines at GourmetStation. And the dinners….late night dining…Le Nuit de Paris….special French sauces…fine china to accent the properly and handsomely displayed food presentations.

It wasn’t until many years later that I returned to Paris when my older and wiser palate was able to enjoy the pairings of wine and food. Classic French dishes…fine Boudreaux’s….uncompromising desserts. The team at GourmetStation worked diligently to master and replicate the fine French flavors. The selection of Bistro Mushroom & Sherry Wine Soup complimented by Salmon En Croute coupled with Chicken Montrachet can bring the flavors of Paris right to your dining table. So if you can’t take your significant other to Paris for a romantic anniversary dinner, bring Paris to them.


You can replicate a night in Paris for you and your romantic partner. My recommendation is to use the service and the Parisian menu to create the ultimate anniversary dinner at home. Pick up an old Jacques Brel cd or a 40’s vintage Edith Piaf…light the candles..turn the music low and let GourmetStation do the rest. The memory will linger long after the anniversary has ended and the delight is that you can do it again and again. Give more than a unique anniversary gift, give an experience!

Anniversaries Are Not Only For Weddings

Posted: January 12, 2006
by: T.Alexander

Aida_invitationRecently I received an invitation, from my dear friend Aida, inviting me to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her living in her home. What a wonderful idea to hold a party to acknowledge an important life moment. How often do we let milestones slip by without a passing nod?

Creating a life moment anniversary party can be as simple as gathering a few friends, opening a bottle of vino and enjoying some special appetizers. What's important is not how big the soiree but the joy in sharing memories with friends and family. Remember GourmetStation for fantastic anniversary food gifts.

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Themes For Anniversary Gifts

Posted: October 21, 2005
by: T.Alexander

Try as you might, it’s not always easy to remember the traditional anniversary themes. So I’m going to make it easy for you. Bookmark this page and keep a handy reference. Future anniversary posts will take each theme and offer suggestions and helpful hints on anniversary gift giving. Of course I’ll always plant a little food idea with the other themes. Why not? Gourmet food gifts bring every occasion to life.

Anniversary Years & Themes:

1st – Paper

2nd – Cotton

3rd – Leather

4th – Flowers

5th – Wood

6th – Candy

7th – Copper

8th – Bronze

9th – Pottery

10th – Tin

15th – Crystal

20th – China

25th – Silver

30th – Pearl

35th – Coral

40th – Ruby

45th – Sapphire

50th – Gold

55th – Emerald

60th – Diamond

75th - Diamond

Just between you and me I don’t understand why we have to wait until 60 and 70 to get diamonds. Diamond_flowers Seems like that theme should be in the earlier years. Wouldn’t you agree? And what’s with skipping years. Looks like someone needs to come up with more themes. I think I can take care of that!