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Welcome to Delicious Destinations, a GourmetStation blog. Through the character of T. Alexander and occasional real-life guests, our aim is to share with you light-hearted fun ideas about food, gift giving, entertaining and culture. At the same time, we would love to hear from you. Please share your experiences from home or abroad.

About Ramesh Shani

I am an introvert, keeping me to myself. What can I speak about myself when I am not what I appear to be? Yet to adhere to the advice of my of newly found sister Donna Lynes-Miller the founder of GourmetStation, doing decent business of selling meals to the fast moving Americans not having time on their daily agenda, I put forth some of the aspects of my present life.

Until 24 years ago, at the age of 36, I was living a life of earning, eating and sleeping with honesty, sincerity and hard work, without a pinch of spiritualism. I was a strong non-vegetarian in terms of me being a Hindu by birth. Hindus observe some days of the week, a couple of allotted days of the month and some special days of the year for fasting or having a vegetarian diet. I observed nothing of that in spite of my elders pestering me for it. Life took a diversion on the path in the flow without viewing or targeting destination or destiny. On the 4th day of the 13-day workshop of pranayams and meditation, known as Siddha Samadhi Yoga, I lost all taste for non-vegetarian food, apart from non essential eateries like, tea/coffee/deserts or any kind of extras! In India non-vegetarian means excluding eggs but not milk. I however learnt about not consuming milk and I adhered to it. It would be worth mentioning here that I had joined this workshop with reluctance only to accompany a relative who needed it for his physical ailments. He walked out of the workshop on 4th day due to the mental beating it offers to clear deep routed blocks and I lovingly finished it religiously. This was my first step to spiritualism. It was followed by Reiki, about 3 years later and then there was no looking back. Block after block from my previous karmas got cleared as I kept participating in various esoteric and occult workshops.

By today I have turned out to be a good assistor in healing, energy work, spirit releaser, etc. The most important aspect of my living all along my life has been to accept life as it comes. I have had bad times with finance, family, social, and health. But I have never been dealt severely by the events to ruin my pattern of living life as it comes. Problems did not appear to be problems. Solutions came along effortlessly. I have not only had good times but very good times too. I have however never left my ground during such times. I believe currency is current. It will keep flowing in its own direction. I only need to move with the current to float. I did not bring money with me. It came to me from elsewhere. It does not belong to me. I am a care taker of it. I let it flow where it needs to. I see to it that I make a judicious use of it for my living and do not abuse it on extravaganza. In the process I have come across opportunities of teething which I have most of the times not blocked.

Articles by Ramesh Shani

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